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Theresa L. Dowling

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Laramie

Theresa L. Dowling Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2022

This woman uses several social media platforms, but primarily uses at least 7 YouTube channels, in three languages under multiple aliases,

IE: theamberheardplaylist, ##johnnydeppisarapist!! ,prisonforjohnnydepp , #johnnydeppisawifebeater , et others

She makes videos to stalk and harass anyone who she disagrees with, Oftentimes maligning the victim to some horrible crime like rape or domestic abuse. She has a particular unsatiable hatred for Johnny Depp, Jr. from the time she claimed he stalked her supposedly sometime in 2013, to the present.

She has over 400+ videos attacking and defaming him. She claims to be a DV survivor, and that she is a successful per se legal expert, however all of her claims in every case has been thrown out WITH PREJUDICE and is now used as an example of frivilous lawsuits by the court, in WY, She falsely accuses people of stalking, and both sexual and domestic abuse but never has any evidence. She is a major participant in the attacks of private individuals, families and supporters of Johnny Depp. She has the cult follower fanatical mentality.

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