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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Jan 31, 2018

Fiance filled out a survey online and it said he won a free gift card as well as free gifts sent to him in mail and would only have to pay shipping. He chose a purse and a necklace for me and used my name and email address. Then asked him for credit card information to pay the shipping fee. Then the company took out $99.99 and tried to say to me when I called it was for a 14 day free trial only. If after the 14 days and no response from us they would take out the $99.99, as well as a monthly charge. Then refused to refund $99.99 back to bank account. My fiance said he never saw anything explaining that at all. Only thing he saw was a survey that offered free gift card as well as free gifts with only a shipping fee.

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