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Country United States
State Virginia
City Arlington
Address 3000 Wilson Blvd, Ste 300
Phone 800301244
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  • Apr 7, 2016

Beware: under JetBlue. After 30 min attempt to finalize reservation on airline site and computer locking, I entered Jet**** and got a phone number for online assistance (800.301.2440), called w/ immediate answer by "Patrick" in very heavy subcontinent accent but impeccable grammar. Many on-hold minutes, lots of background talk and unintelligible explanations until 45 minutes later I was guaranteed the 2 RT reservations. Payment inf was shared over the phone and after signing I was guaranteed that "within 3 hours I should receive an email from the Airline".

I waited 4 hours and emailed them that no confirmation had been received, no response (even now, 14 hrs later). I then called them, long wait on-hold, tried to leave message and rang interminably. Called credit card company to learn if my $348 had been charged - no, thankfully. Called airline who researched, very kindly, said they were not aware of such a third party booking agent but did find record of multiple attempts to make the reservation I'd negotiated at the super low price. The transaction was never accomplished as the bargain seats were gone by the time said fake agent filed. so, I lost my desired seats and price which was now doubled!

Went back online to send a second email asking to hear from them immediately. Til now (14 hrs later) nada!

the credit card company reports they cannot block a charge so I am periodically checking to see if the charge goes thru. Then, agent says, I can contest as Fraudulent.

Everyone has been more than helpful and courteous, incl the mysterious Patrick and his Supervisor Sylvester. Looking back I feel as though I was reading a script for a reality show. There were glaring clues to back away, but I was desperate to get those tickets (which no doubt were already gone by the time we got to payment process!). Advice: follow your gut instincts - just say No! and NEVER give out financial info in such a circumstance. (Gotta run and find those tix with different airline!). BJflorida, 4-6-16

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