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The Upper Hand

Country Canada
City mississauga, Ontario
Address 2150 Burnhamthorpe Rd W

The Upper Hand Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

The upper hand is a terrible place to shop for any hobby-related place. he will sell you at scaplted prices.

His products are either stolen or extorted from other stores. Straight up taking it from another location and not paying them. However, getting that product very cheap from stolen goods from Walmart, he will sell it over retail prices or give it away to certain folk for a 5-star review.

His treatment of people is horrible, he will act nice and all in front of you, however, he will call you names and makes rumors about people who dare to shop at other stores once. He's a horrible person that everyone knows about his private life because he screams at his wife in his store.

He even scams kids with pokemon cards or manipulated numbers for trade-in by writing half the price of the card's value, then giving only 50% of the half price.

He even scam people of their expensive cards and used it to pay his employee's wages.

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