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The Society

Country United States
State Utah
City West Valley City
Address PO Box 70629

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  • Jan 27, 2019

I got the letter, came here, read the reports, and was spared the ordeal. Thanks.

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  • Oct 29, 2018

10/13/2018, This guy named "Tom", evidently someone in this so-called Society writes, "We have just taken a closer look at your profile....It turns out you are more special than any of us immagined! Did you know you possess some rare, hidden traits?" ...and so on. He was offering special me some very special secrets, FREE, and wants special me to join The Society and to become wealthy and powerful. He likely found me from my internet job-serching endeavors. Preying on the despirate. I am supposed to respond by 10/19/18, "...and not a moment later. We'll take care of the rest"

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  • Apr 8, 2020

reply by 4/9/2020 guy named tom said all the same about taking a closer ook at profile ,that im more special then imagined and i possess hidded traits ? what a scam and going respond cause i"m smart to know a scam.

biggest scam

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  • Mar 11, 2019


Just got the same exact letter today, 3/11/2019, I knew from the envelope it had to be a scam enclosed.

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  • Apr 29, 2019

I recieved my 1st letter in Dec. 2018. trying to get me to join this secret society. I threw the letter away. I got a 2nd letter from The Society, I threw it away.

I recieved the 3rd letter today April / 30 / 2019. I'm posting this post in hope that no ones sends money to this scam. They tell me I owe $139.00 for a book I never receved.

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  • Apr 23, 2018

Letter that drones on about how I have been watched, invited to join secret society. They can't disclose their identity on advice of counsel. The whole thing is a great big pitch for something - but they won't tell you what until you are one of them. I'm reporting it as a mail scam to the USPS.

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  • Jan 4, 2018

This company that is refered to as The Society is nothing more than a book company selling a 1216 page manuscript of what they call secrets of the society.

They did send a 55 page booklet of five stories of peoples sucess. Fact or Fiction who knows.

If you like reading Faction (fact/fiction) books, by all means buy it.

Your buying a product for $139.95 that sounds a lot like the get rich quick scams.

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  • Jun 24, 2018

Just a word of caution when someone says they know about your traits and how you struggle and play on your sympathies, who bait you with financial gain, RUN! Do not answer the letter!

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  • Jul 26, 2019

Secret Society

I got the letter two days ago and it said the same thing as all the people who have voiced their opinion about the letter . It Was a 12 page letter and said I must return it in a few days to belong to the secret society. Same address as the people who also got the letter. It is written in a way that makes you read the whole thing and then you realize that they are a scam. It said they been watching me for a long time and that I am very privileged to get this letter and when I join the society I will become rich and powerful and even be able to control peoples minds.

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  • Oct 2, 2018

I also received the 12 page letter from "Tom" in Utah regarding my special offer to enter The Society. I had to act within two days to receive their free gift and if I did not act immediatley I wouuld be eliminated from the society and nver contacted again. I guess what was most disturbing is that they indicated thatt hey reviewed my profiled and they say a few times that they have been watching me and studiying my life, work and general daily habits. Although anyone should pick up immediately that this is not legit it can be quite misconstrude thinking that someonne may be watching you.

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  • Nov 15, 2017

These notes jotted down on 11/14/17 right after opening yesterday’s mail to find something from ”the society.”

My letter A single-spaced, 12-pager) from “the society” Formerly the league?) arrived here in green valley az either on november 10th or 11th -vets’ day No mail) or 13th of 2017. The envelope was postmarked 11/10/17 from zip code 75738. A search on zip code 75738 offered such origins as paris, ile-de-france and al hamad, saudi arabia, among others.). Interestingly, the main 12- page, very suspicious, letter was from “tom” and was dated nov. 11, 2017, which is the day after the envelope got postmarked. The self-addressed Un)stamped envelope inside was addressed to “invitation processing; po box 70629; west valley city, ut 84170-0629.”

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  • Feb 25, 2019

Crazy Scam, chuckle reading!

When I got this letter, I knew I could play a joke on my sister. I immediately called her telling her about my "special" letter. Making her believe I believed whole heartedly in my "specialness" the letter told me I held.. Couldnt wait to have her read it and make her believe I believed..should have seen her face and the immediate lack of understanding why I was so excited about my hidden powers! I couldnt stand it, I was dieing and we both had tears in our eyes laughing. Good Joke Society

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  • Oct 20, 2019


I could drop 40 pounds just by having the Secret book? I won’t even age? I’ll go to Vegas & play poker all night & come home loaded with $$$$. ? I possess phenomenal talents just waiting to be unleashed! Well, My Mentor Bill said in His 14 page letter to Me that there are only 3,927 fortunate individuals in the entire world who possess it. Yes, that’s how many people in the world He’s saying who possess this Secret Manuscript that is only going to cost Me $139.95 to own it —-but pay that amount within 2 days from when I received His letter & My 55 page booklet called “The Greatest Secrets of All Time!

WAIT....HOW MANY MEMBERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD? 3,927? I know I’m definitely being SCAMMED!!!!

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  • Sep 26, 2019

Apparently The Society has their own website....

How has the FBI not arrested these people yet????

Registrant Name: Steve Rapella

Registrant Organization: Rapella Holdings, LLC

Registrant Street: 2435 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway

Registrant City: Henderson

Registrant State/Province: Nevada

Registrant Postal Code: 89052

Registrant Country: US

Registrant Phone: +1.7024937379

[email protected]

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  • Sep 10, 2019


I received a 12 page letter today 9/9/2019 from some guy named Tom saying he had an invitation to THE SOCIETY which could bring me tons of secrets and wealth etc.. and I have to reply by 9/13/2019 or lose my spot to someone else. Everything about the letter when you read it you can tell it is a Major Scam! Don't Fall For This!

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  • Oct 23, 2019

Invitation Processing Scam

My boss received this letter and immediately asked me to investigate as we knew it was a scam but wanted to be able to provide the postal service of all the information we could on this. We now have given all of their information to our local postmaster. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Now in addition to all the phone calls we receive each day, its our mail too. Come on people the money you are using to try and scam people would most likely pay your salary each year.

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  • Sep 3, 2019

My letter A single-spaced, 12-pager) from “the society” Formerly the league?) arrived here at my home in kentucky on wednesday, september 4, 2019. The envelope was postmarked 08/30/2019 from zip code 75238. A search on zip code 75238 is a northeast suburb of dallas, tx inside the outer belt freeway. Interestingly, the main 12- page, front and back, very suspicious, letter was from “tom” and was dated august 31, 2019, which is the day after the envelope got postmarked.

The self-addressed Un)stamped envelope inside was addressed to “invitation processing; 3490 south 4400 west #70629; west valley city, ut 84170-0629.” the address marks two (2) locations. One is located in southern idaho just across the border with utah, and due north of salt lake city. The second is just south of salt lake city (84170 zip code is related to the second point mapped).

Searching the web for that po box took me directly to a “Scamion” some of which apparently got posted in 2013 & 2017. Just do a "society""utah" or "west valley" search. It reveals that others have received a very similar letter, some 12 pages, others not so much. All letters seem to be from "tom" whose last name was not divulged. The Scamion labels the po box as a “cult.” so i guess i'm now kicked out of "the society". Oh, darn!!

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  • Aug 10, 2019

Definitely a scam

“Become invisible - the greatest power”

Received 8 page letter + discount payment voucher page to join “the invisible millionaires” from west valley Utah. after August 9 this offer expires. Special 43% discount of $19.95. Obvious to me it was a scam and they got my info from somewhere on the internet as I only use a first initial online. I’m also receiving numerous robo calls now saying my ss# has been suspended - another scam! Evidently I messed up somewhere on line for these a**hol** to have my address and phone #!!

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  • Jul 30, 2019

Received same letter...Twice

Just (6-28-2019) received the exact same letter for the 2nd time. I really wanted to BELIEVE in my specialness and then I woke up. Damn scammers!

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  • Apr 30, 2019

I received a letter today from these whackos.. Promising all kinds of good luck that will come my way.. And its free!!!

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  • Feb 19, 2019

even if it wasnt a scam, they sure don't give a enough time to join...but what really bugs me is that they claim a Society member could control people...isn't that hokey?

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  • May 19, 2020

Got a rambling 12 page letter form someone wanting me to join "The Soceity"; promise of meeting all the high players, rich and famous, etc.. Thought it was sketchy, checked here. Now its lining the birds cage. Just toss it like others have said and feel bad for the tress wasted to get it to you.

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  • Oct 7, 2019

another scam

It seems I get one of these a year, got another today. There must be a lot of gulliable people out there for this group (?) to keep sending out these BS letters. I know it can't be cheap. YUP mine was from Tom again.

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  • Oct 2, 2019

The Society Utah

Red flags!! This is a scam trying to get you hooked to buy "secrets" of the rich and famous. Do not fall for it! There's no return address on the envelope. The letter they send they have been watching you because you are special. Ha! I am a sucker for these flowery words! Lucky I woke up and Did Not send for their fake information!

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  • Aug 28, 2020

Obvious Scam

My wife was the recipient of dear Tom's 12 page nebulous letter. She was quick to notice that the invatation certificate bore a heraldic logo similar to artistic renditions used by British royalty, but absent the usual Latin mottos - just a collage of poor artist plagiarism. No one else responded with a remark on the logo symbol - meaningless anyway.

How they got her name is bothersome, as she does not do computer!

I would suggest that this letter and future letters be trashed unless demands for some fraudulent claims of compensation are received - then referral to the USPS Investigators may be in order. In any event I wouldn't send this bunch any money.

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  • Aug 26, 2020

The Society

I also received the same 12 page letter, twice, with the Invitation Certificate. The first one I read maybe 2 pages and threw it in the trash. Today I read all 12 pages, what a bunch of malarkey. If this scam has been reported why are they still getting away with it?

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