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The Sexual Life

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Phone (650) 733-6653

The Sexual Life Reviews

  • Jun 10, 2018

Steve fashions himself as a non-PUA seduction coach...or that's the image that he pitches to me. He may pitch a different story to other people.

He seems to cover his tracks really well - in that there are nowhere where you can read reviews online. Let me say right off the bat - Pick Up Artistry doesn't exist - it has always been a cult for those who don't want to go the long route of heading out to bars on a regular basis and working it out for themselves and/or giving up too easily when the going gets tough. I myself am guilty of this for a time, I admit, and after having shelled several thousand dollars on seduction gurus' products, I was still not where I needed to be. A few of these teachers were actually good, offering their own experiences and prices at a bloated price tag.

Steve's methods are a bit different in that he takes you into his circle and works directly with you - or so it seems. I decided to go along with it - I've had a GREAT experience with one particular dating coach I worked with up in Minnesota. When I met him, I had a few sticking points that I was getting frustrated about, but I was actually doing quite well. Just that I didn't have enough confidence in my own ability to overcome my last obstacles to get where I wanted to go. Anyways, the call went like this: You had to folllow a few rules, which I copied and pasted from my email here:

You have got to interact on the calls. If you're on the calls and you just sit on the sidelines you will be removed from the course.

You can only call in through the gotomeeting app. YOU CANNOT USE THE PHONE LINE. If someone calls in on the phone line without permission the call will me IMMEDIATELY ended and you will be removed from the program.

MUTE when not talking. When you are on the call, we encourage you to interact, but when you're not talking mute yourself.


He had a hierarchy going. Himself, his "alumnis," other students, and poor little newcomers like me whom they subtly take jabs at whenever they get the chance. No, nothing was safe, from your previous teachers, to your job, to even your religious background. Immediately when I jumped into his chatroom Steve and his "alumnis", tried to downplay what I have and told me I had work to do, saying that I shouldn't chase that one girl that's been eluding me (even though I can get plenty of others). Then he pointed me to his discounted product, which I quote

"TSL Online STARTS Jan 6, 2018 DEC 2017 48 HOUR SALESL Online - $1497 ($500 Off) Plus 3 Day Workshop $2197 (Over $1000 Off) TSL Online Plus 2x3 Day Workshops $2997 (Nearly $2000 Off): Hour(s) : Minute(s): Second(s) BE THE MAN YOU..."

48 hours? On an arbitrary day? When I told him, that I was a student and can't afford such a hefty pricetag, he changed his pitch to (again, copied and pasted directly) "There's some more sales coming out and there are also lower tier programs too - 60/month or $500 for the year, and pretty d**n good" .....Lower "TIERED"?

At this point I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to go through any more of this crap, but decided to finish the calls just to see if I could get anything out of them. Then it happened. The last call, I mentioned again my sticking point - Steven blew up like a man half his age, saying that I didn't listen on the last call that he's not there to work WITH me and I needed to follow the lessons on his site...WHAT?

I disconnected from the call without saying a word. Steven messaged me on Facebook one more time, telling (copied) "but you should see someone who deals with Aspergers and see if you fit the spectrum. I would assume that this is one of your issues and until you understand that NOTHING will help you" Wow! I was shocked that a guy would go THIS far. I told him "I'll watch it when I have the time" to which he replied "Well I guess you don't want the help...I'll get back to you when I have the time Bye"

Lol! Help by saying that I have Asperger's syndrome...And he is a certified psycho-therapist now?

I looked up his name on Yelp. Not surprisingly - absolutely NOTHING there. At least PUA put their products up for scrutiny. His username? Steve "Satan" Mayeda. Fitting...

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