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The Prepared Performer

Country United States
State California
City Orange
Address 1833 N Shaffer St
Phone (646) 724-4102

The Prepared Performer Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2024

Lots of talk and lots of promises none of which were ever provided. Over and over your promise to get things and it never happens. Once you do pay to be part of their scenario for their content club, you then can't get into their content club, and so you miss sessions.

There was a lot of effort to get you to buy extra things, including $5000 for five hours of one on one with no real full detail or contract. And in my Experience, the sessions are a lot of talk yet the sessions that I went through several of them I'm very little detail, and the promise of AI Specifically for social media was the same thing over and over again, The same canned pitch.

I'm very little detail, and the promise of AI was the same thing over and over again was my experience.

When I brought these things up to the owner, rather than correcting them, they turn tail and ran

it would seem that musicians and artists are busy enough that they don't need to waste their time. It be a lot better if it had any real legitimate information That this would be provided in a manner that could be articulated rather than having to be told over and over again that something's gonna happen Never did for me

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