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The Obvious Consultant

Country United States
State California
City Long Beach
Phone 1 562-283-8807

The Obvious Consultant Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

Marshall bone, owner and writer for the obvious consultant of long beach california accepted $5,000 up front for writing services from a non profit in cedarburg wisconsin that helps adults with idd Intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Marshall bone was tasked with writing website content describing the mission of the non profit and website. He attended a few zoom meetings, provided a few paragraphs of poorly written and disjointed content, then stopped attending meetings in november 2021.

He did contact us via email to say he'd gotten a promotion at work and didn't have much time during the christmas season. We suggested he could find some time to fulfill his agreement. Marshall bone has since broken off all communication, won't return his w-9 and has not even finished the content from the first website which he'd accepted payment to deliver content.

I've emailed him to encourage him to return the money if he can't deliver any work but he is simply not responding. Hopefully seeing his name on scamion will help him get some motivation to do the right thing. I'm attaching the only two documents that marshall bone has provided for $5,000. Anyone can see that this is clearly not $5,000 worth of work.

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