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The Neat Company

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 1601 Market St., Suite 3500
Phone 909-227-3204

The Neat Company Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2017

I had purchased a Neat scanner several years ago. The advertising touted all the things that this could do. It was claimed you could scan business cards and it would enter that info into an address book, scan receipts and bills in and it would enter that information in address book as well. I gave up after numerous attemps to get this wonderful device to do what it said it would and disconnectd it from my computer. I thought that was the end but then I started being billed on my credit card, Every month $15.99 would appear from Neat. I had no idea what this was for. I attempted to log into ny account with them and it stated that the password did not work. I tried to reset the passowrd and it said my account was not fully set up and I was to call customer service. I could not reach a live person. I dealt with voice response that disconected me numerous times.

I finally got a live person on the 10th attempt. That individual gave me a temporary password to log in and I discovered that the account had expired. If the account was not being used and had expired no blling should have occurred. To top all of this off my credit card had been updafed with a chip. That changed the expiration date as well as the cyc. Since I did not give them the new information the card would have declined the sale. The only way that they could have gotten the sale approved was to try different expiration dates until they hit the right one. While talking to the rep I wanted him to update my email account and password so I could access my account to see when the account expired and all the dates that I was billed after that expiration. He kept trying to sell me a yearly plan to access the Neat website. I said to cancel my account with them and he said at that point he would not correct the email address or password issue. I would also be unable to access any information on the Neat site once the account was closed, My plan was to deal with the credit card company to recoup the money I had been billed after the expiration date. Now I can not do that. All I would say is to save your money and DON'T buy a Neat scanner. The device does not work as advertised and there are some shady billing practices to be mindful of

  • Feb 22, 2017

I have been a Neat user for over 10 years (don't ask me why I like to be frustrated and angry - I just hate to give up). During that period of time Neat had 2 major changes in their software. I can't exactly recall when the first major change started but it was around the time they introduced the Cloud Service and "Sync". The sync was a disaster. The problem was that if your kept some of your old files in the computer as back up, Sync would find them and they would sync the old files and destroy your new ones. That's when I stopped using their cloud service.

The second major change was when they got rid of their strange, cryptic, and confusing file extensions such as .nbak, .nwdb,. nwcab, .nrx, etc. and started using PDF. That's when they dumped their old system into a "Legacy" program (they should have called it "prehistoric trash") and went into the new system that has NO RELATIONSHIP whatsoever to their old system. I've sent dozens of e-mails, tech-support messages, and even signed up (and paid for) their special "Neat Care" that was supposed to provide one with fast responses (acually, after one month, I never received even one response from this "Neat Care" department.).

Don't ever sign up for this "Neat Care" it's just money down the drain.

Anyway, no one at Neat was ever able to tell me if I could somehow combine my old files and the new PDF files into one comprehensive and complete record that I could use in case of any future IRS audits.

I just can't get that out of them no matter how many ways I ask.

I therefore assume that this cannot be done and you will have to keep 2 sets of files. One for Neat (old) and one for Neat (new).

Heaven forbid if they should ever change to another iteration of their system.

As for the program itself, it's the only one that does offer relatively "fair" sales receipts recognition which no other company has. This is why I use it.

However the recognition software is far, far from even a "good" category. It still requires hand corrections on almost every receipt. Also it does NOT remember mistakes. I have one vendor (local store) from which we have some 200 receipts yearly. No matter how many times we've corrected the store name, Neat just keeps using "avenue" as the store name. The strange part is that it does so with even famous world-wide stores.

It also does not recognize tax categories for particular vendors no matter how many time you change them.

When I received my new scanner and downloaded the new version of NEAT with the PDF extensions, I somehow received a Canadian Version of the program. This is strange since nothing in my orders ever mentioned Canada nor were there any Canadian addresses, or even transactions. So all the Tax Categories are now based on a Canadian tax system. How will that help me?

There are many more such issues but these can be relatively easily be corrected albeit with a lot of TIME and PATIENCE.

Last but not least I can't understand why Neat eliminated the "combine" feature that enabled the user to combine a couple of receipts (as you get in restaurants) into one entry. Or even combine a two page receipt into one. Why this change?

  • Nov 5, 2016

The Neat Company and their highly underperforming receipt logging software has turned to utter garbage.

The company moved from their desktop one time purchase product to a monthly-fee web-based software which has been a nightmare since the first day they launched it. There is not method supplied to back up any of your cloud data. On numerous occasions files and receipt images have been lost. In addition, Neat never bothered to work the bugs out of their migration function and your files from the desktop software to their cloud-based software.

I have been on with Neat tech support personnel EVERY WEEK DAY since 9/3/16 and all I have experienced was blatant incompetence of every tech support staff member who has the slightest idea how to fix their sync problem.


  • Oct 17, 2016

Have had the desktop scanner nd 1000 for 2 weeks; the second time I used it, no longer "connected to the internet"...Have called their "contact number" many times, and have written to their support team. No communication, and no response. On their website, they tell us to go to "my account" for refund form, no refund form available, thus, no RA # to return, and time moves on, decreasing number of days for return.

I have tried the scanner on another pc, and continue to have problems...again, no

customer or technical support available.

Their hours are reportedly Mon.-Fri only, yet no one is there to assist us. I went to live chat, and waited 40 minutes, only to get disconnected.

Please let me know if you've been able to find out how to contact them or get refund.

  • Sep 13, 2016

Contacted this Company on January 10 , 2016 about having signed up for the wrong plan and wanting to cancel. Reply was not informative and only contained a link to cancel the account. When trying to log in it showed that account had expired and I thought they had cancelled the account.

On May 24th, 2016, I contacted Neat again about stopping the continuous charges since January, I demanded a refund after I had contacted them to cancel the account in January. No reply, no resolution. Emailed them a screenshot of the login page which showed I had no plan with Neat.

On August 1st, 2016, I contacted Neat again about stopping the continuous charges since January. I contacted Neat again about stopping the continuous charges since January, I demanded a refund after I had contacted them to cancel the account in January.

No reply, no resolution. Emailed them a screenshot of the login page which showed I had no plan with Neat.

Got completely ignored and on August 9th, 2016, I emailed again.

I contacted Neat again about stopping the continuous charges since January, I demanded a refund after I had contacted them to cancel the account in January. No reply, no resolution. Emailed them a screenshot of the login page which showed I had no plan with Neat.

Today, September 12th, 2016, I tried once again to call. Nobody answers the phones and a recording is worthless in solving any issues.

Finally contacted my bank to dispute and block charges, short of having to replace the business card (big hassle).

This company seems to have no employees, only automated system to brush consumers off.

  • Aug 29, 2016

On 7/29/2016 I purchased a new scanner form the Neat Co. , to replace one that had stopped working. They said I had to purchase a new scanner because they had retired the software that worked with the old scanner. I purcehase the scanner at a cost of $148.56 . It arived and immeadiatly I had problems , the softwre would not load , the scanner there fore would not work. Finally , I found ' on the internet" an up date that got the soft ware working. However the receipts I had scanned on the old scanner did not transfer. ' so it seems they are lost anyway" I have sent over 23 emails and gods knows how many phone call and to date 8/28/2016, I have gotten no help. Now they have turned my scanner off and are trying to extort money from me to make it functional again.

  • Aug 2, 2016

Neat Co.has not delivered a reliable system, nor have they backed up there products or services.

Three years of equipment failures and software issues resulted in unrecoverable data loss, unnecessary equipment upgrades, multiple backup libraries each having various corupt files, manual labor to visually inspect files in hopes to salvage data, expense and time loss for my company, personal data and IRS requirements! The sales staff failed to cancel my old email address in their system resulting in multiple accounts and have been charging our credit card for Cloud services even though they are no longer in use. Customer Support said they can not refund these fees and only offer to extend our time on our Cloud service on the newer account - which hasn't been functional since we got it last year.

Today another remote tech session almost seven hours long with no progress.They need to fix their issues regarding Mac and El Capitan, refund our money for un-necessary equipment and non-functioning Clould service!

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