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The Mortgage Growth System

Country United States
State Indiana
City Franklin
Address 1159 Heritage Trail
Phone 317-406-7686

The Mortgage Growth System Reviews

  • Jul 19, 2021

I was misled by the owner of the company (Brandon Robertson) into signing a three month contract to provide leads from individuals who were looking to purchase a home. He said he would provide leads from people in my geographic area of southern California. He asked me what my minimum criteria was and I told him I wanted a minimum loan amount of $250,000 and a minimum credit score of 650. He agreed that he would provide 100 leads per month based on my request.

I soon found out that none of that would actually happen. The ads that were placed to generate my leads were designed to make it sound like anyone could get a house regardless if you could qualify or not. The ad makes you think there is a new program available and anyone can qualify. When the leads started coming in, I could tell right away that the leads were not what I agreed to. All of the people who I could actually get ahold of were unemployed and some were even homeless. I never received one lead that fit the criteria I agreed too.

I immediately tried to cancel the service but Brandon wouldn't let me out of the contract. He stated that I agreed to three months and wasn't able to cancel. I asked about the quality of the leads and he said he would make some changes and start providing better quality based on our original agreed terms. This never happened. I continued to get more of the same. None of the people could qualify for any loan let alone a mortgage to purchase a house of $250,000 or more.

I disputed the charge with my credit card company but he produced a copy of the contract and my credit card company is forcing me to pay.

This company is providing a bait and switch to me the client as well as false advertising to the people who are responding to the ads for a home.

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