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The Law Office of Marc Applbaum

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 3212 Homer Street
Phone 619-993-0288

The Law Office of Marc Applbaum Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2023

EM hired Marc Steven Applbaum # 222511 Midway Law Firm APC, 4275 Executive Sq Ste 200, La Jolla, CA 92037-1476 Phone: 619-993-0288 | Fax: 888-809-4658 Email: [email protected] and filed a California Bar complaint Case Number: 22-0-11709, with a retainer $4,000 retainer, for a Restraining Order in Northern San Jose California case 19FL000267 and later (After hiring Marc) case C2201747.

I demanded refund of retainer $4,000 because of professional misconduct malpractice as follows;

11. Procrastination in filing/docketing all required documents

22. Intentionally missing Deadlines in responding to critical motions

33. Intentional negligence performing all obligated duties

44. Breach of contract clearly damaging client

55. Failed to file dismissal motion of case per fee agreement

66. Ignored client phone calls, text and emails

77. Consistently failed to keep scheduled telephone conference appointments

88. Failed to perform ANY discovery in case(s) as required

F9. Forced client to communicate with non attorney paralegal giving

L10. legal advice, including "I don't know(s)" and rarely gets back to client

Marc has his paralegal Robert Edgemont do everything in the office, even give legal advice. Robert mistakenly sent EM an email showing Marc’s comment "please pull up this f**ks fee agreement - lets dissect it. We are long past the point of irreconcilable differfences" (misspelled at that). This shows how Marc thinls of his clients after he steals their money.

Marc’s procrastination created a warrant for my arrest in California. I had eye surgery because of separated retinas. Jails do not give the required medication to lower blood pressure, would have led to the loss of my eyesight for life. Per my Bar complaint Marc continues to lie to the Bar stating I hired him after the warrant was created, not true. Marc Procrastinated so horrendously that the only thing he e-filed was notice of council, after that absolutely nothing. Marc said to EM he has to book0in with police in San Jose California, knowing he is disabled by Eye Surgerynoy able to drive that far and on a Mobility Scooter that is not permitted for a plane or buss, basically rendered no defense whatsoever. When hiring Marc he proclaimed he is ex DA, lying to clients. EM was forced to write his own defense and efile to the court after emailing several times to Marc, continuing to ignore all EM’s emails. Now Marc is trying to use against EM that he efiled his own documents. The California state bar can easily see Marc never efiled anything by the court portal’s.

I began faxing the Public Defender’s office from Nevada begging for help explaining my attorney has done nothing, PLEASE HELP! The Public Defender ended dismissed the case in 2 days, showed the court no violations and no evidence of violence.

These two cases extremely impugned my character, I worked for the government designing high end security with security clearance, these cases damaged my career and my reputation.

Vanessa Battaglia who filed a police report against her husband EM, lied on the report stating Hispanic Mexican, knowing he is Italian, this is perjury under PC-118 in California.

Twice per week Vanessa Battaglia hacked EM’s email. EM would report this to Marc, which Marc did nothing about this, no defense whatsoever.

Marc’s client Tracy Hurst had brain surgery and has a hole in her forehead, Marc took so much advantage of her stole $18,000 in retainers fees, procrastinated a judgment was served at her door step. She is unable to function, including reading and so on, she was besides herself to learn this attorney simply stole her money. She now filed Chapter 5 bankruptcy and is having the US Trustee go after Marc for $18,000.

EM is still dealing with the restraining order for 5 years to current, when this case would have been so easy to dismiss. It is very hard on EM having bad eyesight and being disabled to have to write and efile all these court forms.

I missed two family funerals in California, my aunt Jean Grizzle and family Donny Vitale passed.

Marc is the worst attorney you can ever hire.

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