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The Law Office of Kyle T. Green PLLC

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 180 S Ash Ave
Phone 1 480-331-7568

The Law Office of Kyle T. Green PLLC Reviews

  • Aug 24, 2022

I got stuck with this scheister lawyer when I filed a motion for a change of counsel and was met with consent verbal condescending, chastising abuse during our calls. He said, the reason you got me was because, you had issues with other attorneys. My other court appointed attorneys screwed me over by not getting my phone where I had evidence to clear my charges and circumvent me to take a plea.

When I realize it would ruin my life, she would not undo the plea which I found too late I could have. Another Lawyer, dumped me off on her investigator who told me the system was not fair. That women got away with ruining your life. How they lost a really strong case. If I did not trust them, to get another team.

He says, obvious they did and they withdrew and I got appointed." No, I motion the courts three weeks before my previous attorney withdrew and had to remind her to withdraw from my case. Kyle patronizes me saying, I have been doing post-conviction relief for eight years, nine years, something like that.' You are the first client to call me to know about your case two days after I gotten it. "This is not my first rodeo."

So, my case is like a circus or a rodeo to him. When I ask questions about my charges he said, “If you have a problem with the classifications an offense, take it up with legislator. Don't take it up with me.” I get ridiculed for calling him first. He had my case for a month and he did nothing. I motion the court again and was denied and stuck with him.

My previous team had an investigator who were going to look into other angles for my case. He refused to get one. I had a free consultation from another attorney which I could not afford who told me all my lawyers were giving me in effective council and all Kyle did was read the report and replied he saw nothing wrong.

However, he said, if I did not sign a plea, you would have won at trial. Kyle put in no effort in my case and was vindictive not to withdraw and the courts made me stay with him I was not able to represent myself.

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