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The Law Office of James E Hall

Country United States
State Alabama
City Phenix City
Address 1619 Broad St
Phone 1 334-298-3001

The Law Office of James E Hall Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2022

James hall used a website to offer a place to rent for $650 a month plus $1000 for a deposit. The place was trashed and filled with trash. The house stunk of animal feces, urine and throw up. We made a deal and signed a contract so I would do repairs and he would lower deposit. He was to clean his filthy mess but never did so I had to do it.

Had the carpets cleaned and all trash bagged up to the road. We cleaned the whole space and laid flooring down and when the day came to move in he backed out of the deal trying to keep all the hard work we did for his own financial gain. Tried to steal the flooring and stole 1100 dollars from me that was the rent plus deposit.

Cops came to our aid and they said we have to settle at small claims court to deal with our losses. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN HE WILL SCAM AGAIN. HE SEEMS NICE BUT WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK AS SOON AS HE HAS THE CHANCE!!

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