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The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe

Country United States
State Georgia
City Duluth
Address 2180 Satellite Boulevard Suite 400
Phone 770-239-1642

The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe Reviews

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  • Nov 18, 2015

I hired this lady a couple years back to do do some patent work for me. After being exhausted of her not returning my calls, always coming up with extra fees for every little thing i had to get another attorney. I would not recommend this firm for any service they offer. Save your time and money.

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  • Oct 5, 2015

This young women Charlena Thorpe in Duluth Georgia, says she could help me with my project and do some trademark services for me. I went in for a consultation which was $200. I decided to hire her for tradermark services because she seemed like he knew what she was doing. She seemed very smart with all her degrees and plaques on the wall. She charged me $500 to do this. Tried to get another $500 out of me but i wasnt having it. A couple month later i realize i havent heard anything from this lady. I called it was like she forgot about me. Didnt know who i was. So she filed for my trademark finally. Several month later I hear from her saying we might need to change one thing and she ould charge me $ 5oo to do it. I said ok. Its is now 10/4/2015 and she did not fix or change anything for my trademark. It has been abandoned according to USPTO.

I have been waiting for a year for this lady to get me my trademark. She has been paid and will not pick up my calls. She will not return my calls. She stole my money. PLEASE DO NOT HIRE THIS LADY FOR ANY PATENT OR TRADEMARK SERVICES. I SHOULD OF READ THE OTHER REVIEWS.

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  • May 4, 2019

Not scammed, but a horrible experience

This was my experience with Patent Attorney Charlena Thorpe of Duluth, GA, who also does business as

11/20/13 - I was quoted a $3500 flat fee, plus $400 in patent application fees.

Final Patent Approved on 09/23/18 (about 5 years after my first contact with her)

Total Fees paid to C. Thorpe: $7,950

Complaint: Both she and whatever assistant she had would only return my emails, calls, or voicemails after multiple contact attempts for several days or weeks. She would receive requests from the patent office (3 or 4 different times) and wait until one week before the response deadline to contact me to talk about it, wasting valuable time in this patent application process. I never knew about the correspondence because the patent office only contacts the attorney.

When I once voiced my frustration to her and to her assistant about their refusal to respond to my contact efforts after days or even weeks of being ignored, Charlena was quick to twist words and turn the blame to me, completely ignoring their horrible customer service. She once told me, “Well, most of my clients are not as organized or persistent with follow up as you are”, as if that excused their poor performance. Charlena’s tone with me on the phone during my frustration was condescending and haughty. This was her defensive behavior in response to being caught falling down on the job. Absolutely no regard for me as a paying client and the expenses and lost time as an inventor. I feel a more efficient attorney could have accomplished this patent approval in half the time. I spent five years being angry and frustrated feeling trapped because of the money I had already invested in her services.

To further illustrate her lack of customer service, my patent was approved 9/23/18, the patent office mailed my patent to her office on 01/29/19. I repeatedly asked her via phone and email to please mail it to me ASAP, as I live 60 miles away. Finally, on 5/2/19, I drove to her office and picked it up myself. It was just a letter sized booklet that would only cost $1.61 to mail, yet she would never mail it to me. For most people, getting a patent approval is a HUGE milestone in your life, a time for celebration, and many business deals are pending waiting for the approval. How can she not happily send out her clients’ approved patents as soon as received?

So sadly, my patent attorney experience with Charlena Thorpe was about as bad as could be, thus I would never feel comfortable referring anyone to her.

She needs to invest some time reading classic customer service best sellers like Hug Your Customers or How to Win Friends & Influence People. Just saying…

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