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The Law Office at Tinton Falls

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Tinton Falls
Address 788 Shrewsbury Ave
Phone 732-383-6242

The Law Office at Tinton Falls Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2016

I'm writing this review even though I am 100% positive that someone from this office is going to go behind me and say that everything that I'm writing is false, but this is not true.

If I was able to give a lesser rating than one star, I would. I hired an attorney from this firm based on the reviews and totally regret this decision. Currently, I have an active child custody case in north NJ. When I hired them, I hadn't seen my son in over 2 months because his mother decided not to return him back to me and I had a court date and needed a legal representative and hired someone from this office. I was advised that someone would be assigned and luckily they had an office two blocks from the court house. No one called me to discuss the case or even prep for the hearing. On the day of the hearing, my wife and I showed up but our attorney didn't. We called the office and was told to wait. We waited about 40 minutes and later got a call saying that they called the court house and got another date. They also told me that another atty would be assigned to me. Well, I missed a day from work and I still did not get my son back.

By the next court date, an atty was assigned. I had spoken to him briefly over the phone and on the day of the hearing he told me his plans for handling the case (which sounded brilliant). Instead of going before a judge, our lawyer spoke to my son's mother's atty and came back with the worst possible plan ever that I did not agree with. I told him exactly what I wanted, which was pretty fair. My atty agreed with the plan, went back to talk to the other atty again but we got nowhere. While they were in a private room talking, my wife and I could hear them both laughing and telling jokes. Both attys came back decided that it would be best that they speak to the judge. This was done and my atty came back with yet another plan that was in favor of my son's mom. I decided to go before the judge instead. When we went before the judge, my atty openly threw me under the bus, downplayed the fact that my son's mother had not returned my son to me and basically supported her atty and her case instead of mine. By this time the judge was irritated, hours of wasted time had gone by and another court date was yet again rescheduled. My atty and did not talk to each other at all afterwards but yet he chose to wait around.

Days went by and I received a letter from the court with a new court date. Two days before the date, I got a call from the office saying that both my atty and my son's mother's atty called each other and post-phoned the date yet again because of their personal schedule. Mind you, we we had zero communication with this atty and the office. My wife has since called the Jef's office and asked that he be removed from the case. Today, they gave us a bill for $2,100. There are charges on here that aren't even legit. For example, I've been charged for not showing up for court even though I've gone to all of them. I was charged $1,100 for the hearing lasting from 1:15-4:15pm when it was my atty who intentionally prolonged his time and decided to wait around when it was all over.

In addition to extremely poor representation, their customer service is horrible. When we initially paid our retainer and didn't hear from anyone or get any confirmation that an lawyer was retained, my wife called and spoke to Jef directly and he was extremely rude and eventually hung up on her. When we called and asked that we have our atty removed from the case, the secretary was equally as nasty.

This office is unprofessional and their legal is the absolute worst. Because my atty has basically sided with my son's mom it has negatively affected my case, how the judge views me as well as the strained relationship with my son. I will be reporting this company.

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