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The law firm of Jennifer C. Harrington, P.A.

Country United States
State Florida
City Clearwater
Address 29605 US Hwy 19 N #140
Phone 727-787-3700

The law firm of Jennifer C. Harrington, P.A. Reviews

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  • Mar 6, 2018

Recently divorced from a horrible man who happens to be a male prostitute. My team proved his guilt up in down in our initial hearings, the judge made the decision to give my kids to my ex 50/50 and we fired back. The judge then thought it was in her best interest to bring on a guardian at litem. Jennifer Harrington of clearwater Florida took over the responsibilities of making the decision for custody of my kids.

My husband or soon to be ex husband was proven to be a steroid user and prostitute and this women still gave him 50/50. She also removed my parents from being at any exchanges or doctors appointments She is clueless Jennifer Harrington is in bed with my ex husband and should be removed from her practice Do not hire or recommend her to ANYONE. She also told my ex that I was medicated for depression.

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