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The Last Stand Ranch Miniature Dachshunds

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Dalzell
Address 0 Catchall Rd
Phone 803-305-7744

The Last Stand Ranch Miniature Dachshunds Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

Do not buy a puppy from Nicole Custer Doing business as

(The last stand ranch Dachshunds)

I sent her money back in January on a chocolate long haired AKC female that was a week old at the time. I would always ask her for pictures or videos of her but she always gave me an excuse as to why she didn't have the time to take some and send them to me. Then when the puppy was about 8 weeks old she sent me two videos and I noticed the puppy turned out to be a smooth coat and not a long coat. I told her that that wasn't the coat length that I wanted or the coat length I had purchased. A week prior to that (when the puppy was about 7 weeks) i had a crate and puppy pads sent to her to get ready for the puppy being shipped to me. So she agreed to send me all of the money back (the money I sent her for the puppy along with the money for the crate and puppy pads) and asked if I could wait until she sold her first.

I agreed to her selling the puppy first in order to get my money. Well, it took her over a week to sell her and when she told me she finally received a check for her she still gave me excuse after excuse as to why "the money hasn't cleared". She finally stoped messaging me back this Saturday and she never paid a penny of my money back. I have our full conversation saved by screenshots (it's over 65 screenshots).

Nicole does most of her business on Facebook through her business page

She has about three litters right now and you can see on her page that some of her puppies look sick and malnourished.

i posted what she had done on a breeders review page on Facebook at you can add the link to your browser and in the search icon search her name or business. She even tried to defend her reason as to why see hasn't paid me my money in that group but she kept being called out on her lies by every person.

She sent me the litters parents in the beginning of our conversation and both dogs were long coats but the puppies turned out to be short (smooth) coats. Any breeder that breeds Dachshunds know that two long coat dogs can not produce a short haired puppy. So that's a question on its own.

She also kept insisting for me to only pay through friends and family if I was going to use PayPal. So she does this knowing she will be scamming people. I've already reported this to PayPal.

She is a liar and a crook. When someone who had just put a deposit down for one of her puppies saw my post she started asking if it was Nicole Custer of the last Stand ranch and I confirmed it was the same person. Then the lady questioned Nicole about it and Nicole's response to the lady was, well if you change your mind about the puppy that's fine I'll just keep your deposit.

Nicole is obviously a thief and a scammer just looking to make quick money and has no intention of being an honest person of her word. Plus if she's lying about the parents being both long coats and the whole litter was short coats then she's committing fraud somewhere in her paperwork. These pups are AKC. I'm going to report her to AKC next.

She needs to be banned from breeding!

  • Jan 16, 2019

Same Situation

Did Nicole ever give you your money back? It seems we are in a very similar situation now and extremely frustrated but haven't heard from her in over a week. Just wondering how this situation turned out and hoping you have some pointers.

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