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The Lancaster Law Firm

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Benton
Address 413 North Market Street
Phone (501) 776-2224

The Lancaster Law Firm Reviews

  • May 20, 2016

Hired to represent sick/disabled woman in divorce action against abusive husband who abandoned her for another woman. When I interviewed this guy, he told me he would get me the things I was entitled to. He insisted on being paid via cashier's check and took every cent I had. I trusted him. I hired him 3 weeks before the response deadline and he didn't file anything! No response, nothing! Court date came and he rolled over and played dead over the other side's "offer" which wasn't squat. Threatened me that this was the only way. Didn't fight for me one bit. He kept rushing me, pushing me so he could run to his next appointment. Hammered at me to hurry up so he could get out of there. I was sick with a 103 degree fever, in pain, couldn't think and he took advantage of that. He completely betrayed me. He charged hundreds for reading an email! I tried to look at the one positive thing that came about, but it doesn't change his vile behavior, lack of professionalism, and his threatening me. I have witnesses to all of this, including his laziness and lack of representation at court that day. He has no honor, no integrity, no class, and a very bad character. The word, "evil" comes to mind. If he would have at least refunded my money since he sure didn't earn it, then at least that would have been something.

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