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The Lakeside Collection

Country United States
State Illinois
City Lincolnshire
Address 200 Tri-State Suite 200,
Phone 1-866-847-4327

The Lakeside Collection Reviews

  • Feb 26, 2022

I ordered some Christmas items in Sept, and they notified me of shipment delays. I waited until Dec and said "OK, please refund my money". They put the refund on Someone Elses Credit Card. We got that straightened out and they gave me a credit for more shopping. At this point, I wasn't happy with thier company and didn't want more shopping.

The BBB helped me have them agree to sending me a Money Order for the $37 refund in the mail. Instead of a check, they sent me information on informaion sharing. I faxed the BBB a copy of the weird piece of paper (instead of a check that they promised) but haven't heard back yet from the BBB.

If these scammers say they will send a check, then they should send a check. That is they way I feel about it, not give me a mile long list of excuses.

  • Jan 5, 2022

I've been a Lakeside customer for a decade. I recently bought a lot during the summer and Christmas. When I signed into my Lakeside account I seen a rebate offer. I clicked it and seen it was indeed a rebate with simple instructions. I decided why not! I took a quick screenshot of the last steps to complete the rebate and no where did it say anything about a paid membership.

I'm not one to pay for membership like this. I'll sign up for free or trial but I always put in a reminder on my phone to cancel, learned the hard way! So imagine my surprise to find a charge from Lakeside Perks (same company as collection) for $14+. I find out from trust pilot that it's a recurring issue with Lakeside. Offering a rebate and then auto enroll customers into a membership.

I only have the screenshot from the last steps but I still believe if company is enrolling a customer in a membership, they would inform customers that they are now enrolling in a membership. I've read horrible customer service reviews as well. I will share the last step screenshot as well as a email from them when I was doing the rebate. It doesn't sat anything about a membership. I did now after two months a email about the Perks but the paid membership was in the fine details at the bottom.

Remember I always read the fine print but I don't always read the fine print after the fact! I believe this is how they're tricking thier customers. They offer a rebate, customer follows the steps, sees its perk deal (like enrolling for a grocery store) no where is it obvious it's a paid for membership and then send an email that you are enrolled and for legal reasons put down in the fine print the information about the paid membership. One day they're going to be in a class action lawsuit.

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