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The Lakes Treatment Center

Country United States
State California
City Copperopolis
Address 7260 O’Byrnes Ferry Road,
Phone 1 (800) 831-5962

The Lakes Treatment Center Reviews

  • Feb 2, 2017

They are located on a lake surounded my multi-million dollar homes but the facility is a old run down white elephant motel.

The pictures shown on U-Tube are of a once a month selective few that are taken on the lake by the owner's boyfriend in attempt to life spirits.

I was unfortunatly connected through a broker that would not take my calls once I found out what was going on.

He had a hard time finding a facility that would take someone who needed a wheelchair and the Lakes lied about haveing a room ready as it was all torn up from rug to shower. I had to carelfully climb two flights of stairs to the detox room which was very painfull until I had my medication switched from Morphine to Suboxone which couold have been done easily as an outpatient.

They use Quacks in the Methenphedamine capitol of California "Georgetown" or near by " Sonora" where you are seemingly misdirested to the Dr's office before seeing the facility.

The Dr screems at you after you are seemingly arrested and told to emply your pockets, not touch the handle of the toilet, give a uring sample and wait with you nerves shattered and wondering what have I done!

The Doctor comes in a extreamly small room screeming more and stating he can not help you because you are loaded when "I was only on what my licenced physician perscribed for me and drove myself to his office after being re-directed from the facility". I got up and left, passing an employee from the lakes that has seen this many times.

The Doctor told me to get my car out of his parking lot now or he would have it towed! He then said if I drove I would be arrested. Imagin who come to the rescue? The lake employee that allows all this to happen and dose not warn me of anything. My mind is so ratteled by the thought of being arrested due to volinteering to switch from perscribed Morphine and Oxycodine use for chronic pain for the past 7 years for a medicine called Suboxone. Why Suboxone was never offered to me in the past is a concern as the DEA, CA Med Board and DOJ are attacking Doctors for attempting to treat chronic pain paitents.

I am a victim on a Vaccine Reaction where I contracted Gillian Barre' and Neuropathy that caused my feet go feel so hot that I neither were shoes, stand or commnicate clearly without proper medication that took 4 years of the 11 I have suffered to figure out. I was given my normal medication for ADHD or Fatigue and Clonapin as I have taken both sucessfully along with the Opiates believing that the laws were pertaining to the Opiates and this is why I could not find anouther Doctor after recient one was repromanded for having her Daughter write perscriptions wile she took Mexico Vacations wile under retainer as a Concierge Medicine Practice. Targe would no longer redeam her perscriptions and the last one was redeamed at anouther chain that had not caught up to her yet. This exact situation happened the summer before when my long standing Concierge Medical Practice lost it's licence without notice by the Ca Medical Board because my careing Doctor missed a question on a continueing education class and only found out when a patient did a U turn from a drug store and told him his licence was suspended after he had just spent 1/4 million dollars upgrading his practice. He packed up and sent out everyone records and moved to Moscow where he could actually help people leaving me with no medicine and I went though the worst 4 months of my life until I found the next Doctor that increased my Oxycodone.

This new Doctor to her trip to Mexico and had her daughter "Hair in Shirley Temple hooker hair doo, Fish net stockings, mini skirt and Mall Rat clothing" tell me it was a business decision that my medication was being cut wile waving and lunging at me with a pencil in her hand. Nurse in the background smirking and waiting for me to blow up though I took amy lumps to Target where I was turned away and went to different chain and worked for a month to try and find help to switch to new medicine called Suboxone.

I made the bigest mistake in trusting the owner of the Lakes bernadette that can be reached at the email I provided who have an amazing phone voice and persona but if questioned turns into a snake with blue eyeshaddow being on the edge of 60 years old and in good shape thinks she can get away with tellling you familly one thing and the patient anouther. Your cell phone is taken away and your phone nubers are locked inside along with my wheelchair and cane locked in my van with support personel complaining that they are told to bring me food that is too greazy for someone who is detoxing.

The pictures look great from a distance and the lobby is freshly painted but I found myself surounded my criminals doing drug drops in the middle of the night to suposed fishermen crossing the swimming rope. I was too much for too little when I just needed the medicine Suboxone and after recieving it twas like magic and within hours I was fine. I never abused my medications or had them taken away. I fired my Smack Pushing Doctor as she tired to shuffel me off to some other practice when I hired he on retainer ( cash out of pocket ) plus PPO insurance everymonth and now am labled a drug addict. This dose not need to happen to those like me who just need pain relief with Suboxone being hard on your teeth causing me to loose my entire lower bridge and Suboxone just being approved for pain without addiction along with Belbuca wich is a low acid medicine with the same active ingredients I am now being switched to so I can leave the addiction stigma behind hopefully. I think the Lakes did some kind of reporting on me that has stained my Police Record, DEA or something due to a later practice trying to take clonapin and ritalin away that knew my condition was not addiction but chronic pain and I did not need counciling though they put me though it anyway with eroneous comments in my records just like the lake did. Do not make this mistake unlesss you are a hardened drug addict and know it and need to join a 1000.00 a day 12 step program, chances are you can do this as an outpatient and go to NA for their meetings. I was boooed out of NA due to needing medication to keep my nerve damage under controll. Your condition is not under concideration in a non-medical facility like "the lakes". They will say anything to get you on your way and divert you to a quack that will not help you if you leave and will allow the lakes to commit what is in my opinion Kidnaping.

  • Feb 1, 2017

My dauaghter, Bailee" is an addict. She got a dUi in another state. She was in terrible shape and I knew I was seeing her die. Then She tried to committ suicide in March 2016. We got the mental hospital to keep her a few days past the mandatory 3 day hold and day and night my daughter "Dawn" and I called all over to get her into rehab or she would be put in jail ion the other side of the continent and we really felt she would die or be put out and die on the streets.

So to fill the probation requirements and keep her alive after much dread and stress, sleepless nights and calls to many professionals and insurance people we got a $10,000 loan from my mother , Bailee's grandmother. We tried to buy insurance in many avenues and the owner told us to get blue Cross Platinum. It will cover everything.. well we could not and we were told our cash would cover all treatment including her P.T.S.D, addictions, health issues and medication as well as a nice diet.


They took her to their flaky doctor ( he is profecient only at treating heroin addicts) once who over medicated her and it made her already severe anxiety so much worse. Then after they demanded $300 for a real phsychiatrist visit they kep changing it and their drug addict kids who run the place missed giving her a ride to yet another appointment ( which I had paid for ahead of time) they said she was in bed.. It is all lies. She and us all had been pushing them to get her real help and she was up waiting all morning and that is on their cameras/ survelance if they do not / have not accidentally destroyed the tapes.

That phychiatrist was ok but still didnt listen to any thing the family had kindly after much research suggested nor gave a diagnosis but just kept her on too many drugs and the wrong ones. I was, as a mothe should be , very very upset about the kids missing her ride to Merced to see Dr Cheang. I talked with the receptionist at Dr Cheang's office and the woman named mary suggested another rehab and swore everything we talked about was in confidence as I did tell her I do not trust anyone.

I should have listened to my gut. I said I was so upset with The Lakes I felt like suing them. She hung up and immediately called Liz who works at the lakes. Then my daughter called me hysterical, barely able to speak and said mom dont sue them they are going to make me go somewhere else or put me utside to wait for a ride etc etc and hung up. At no time was there a person near her or did I hear anyone consoling her or trying to help. She, my daughter begged that we cough up 10,000 more dollars so they wont send her packing.

the second call was wosrse. full blown panic attack cant utter words having a asthma attack and again not one person in background to help. she tried to convey to pay more $ and hung up. Also she rarely could call us as there was 1 phone for several of them but they always let her call to shake us down for more money!!

This occured on her birthday of all times.

We had visited her that weekend because it was her birthday. I was looking for the one honest caring employee they had named Paul. I took a wron turn. It was Sunday April 17th. I ran into the young man ( I will get his name later) hes from Ga. and was a heroin addict and thinks hes a big wig there. well i ran into him accidentally. i said by the way you all promised to take care of probation and correspondence to them etc... when we brought her here. his response, "It depends on if you finish paying us." I was livid. His nonchalnt attitude withus and especially my beloved Bailees life infuriated me and the lies . So many lies to get our money and we area a poor family. I said you mean you never even told them she is here. he said no.

The nest day on monday April 18 I clled probation in Ga where she had DUI. They had nothing. I called the Lakes who lied and said it was all done. I called probation and they had no calls or faxs. I called agian adn they lied again. She was about to be rolled up and taken to Ga. due to their lies.

I paid a lawyer 's referral fee and talked to an attorney who didn't help too much since we are in Ca. But some advice is better than zero.

there were so so many unprofessional things they were doing and many illegal...that in a bit. butThe Lakes started saying we, the family was harrassing them! What a joke... Really? If they did just one thing promised to us and we didnt see Bailees getting worse then we would not feel the need to police this place. We wished we had left her in good hands and could sleep at night and not worry endlessly. I am retired. If i had a job I would have lost it during this time. The Lakes made my Bailee and all of us a wreck. And to think we paid them to be tortured. Worst I couldn't help my "baby".

next they split chores among the clients. But my daughter got the hardest which is the womens bathroom with several toilets plus they threw more duties onto her and everyone else only had a small area.

The "rules" changed daily. Her carton of cigarretes disappeared. A scuzy heroin addict stole from her and noone would do a search.

then the lakes allowed kids who had great insurance to move up to staff status while gettin min. wage Bernadette continued billing the blue cross Platinum for 1,000s. maybe $20,000 a month?? not sure.

Then we were told on fisrt day that she could get a scholarship. Over time Bailee figured all of this out,. They were never going to give her help when they thought they could squeeze more out of her G'ma. and Bernadette allowed kids of her friends to come for free or even to hide from the law. It was so illegal

Then theres the gay guys who ere promoted to staff who ripped of all the synthetic heroin and stole ss #s , credi cards I phones and got away with the crime cuz' Bernadette Cataneo knew she would hang herself if she reported this.

I hope someone helps me. I have kept every fax, letter etc I wrote to The Lakes or Dr Cheang and all of Dawns.

We all felt like we were always being shook down for more money.

It was greed in the purist form. They do not care about anyone or anything but money.

Well the day she actually got to Dr Cheang's office my other daughter , dawn and my mother went and met them. More money for us as we felt the agency was so inept we needed to be present and its 3 hours away. Motels and food + gas. But we felt so helpless. So they went and my mom paid more bucks and the shrink was so so but not at all good enough to help or do the right medications.

  • Sep 12, 2017

bailee how can i contact you

please leave number for call

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