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The Lakes at St. David RV Park

Country United States
State Alabama
City Saint David
Address 801 S Lee St

The Lakes at St. David RV Park Reviews

  • Jun 10, 2022

Many workers at this park are hired with the expectation of being paid? but the management at The Lake RV Resort in St David Arizona hires people only for an RV space and electric and they work he works all the park workers 60 hours a week and they get paid No money.... This is illegal in Arizona the (Law states) everybody must be paid on the books and payroll taxes need to be deducted and if you are to take a job as these people do and I've seen many of them get injured because this part does not follow the OSHA laws and does not pay people in which is against Arizona State law;

if you're paying for an example $325 a month rent between your lot fee and electric @ $65 a month ='s $390.00 a month and you are working 60 hours a week which most of these Rvers workers are forced to work and you are only taking off the electric and the lot fees off their salary this means The Lake RV Resort management and owners are violating the law (because in the state of Arizona you must pay people on the books not off the books) so that companies can avoid paying taxes to the State of Arizona.

Which this park is known to do and they are working a camp worker 240 hours a month times minimum wage equals: $12.15 an hour times 240 hours equals $2,916.00 taxable income per month minus the RV lock fee and electric equals; this park management is violating the law by not paying the workers $2,526.00 income a month on their tax income.

And I was in sight 165 and I know of a worker who got hurt and the manager's name Michael when he got hurt and broke his leg he asked Michael for his workers compensation paperwork I believe the date was on 23rd 2021 and Michael walked away from this hurt worker like he didn't even exist and he was completely deaf because my guess he didn't have workers compensation insurance which under the state of Arizona's law you must provide workers compensation insurance for any workers that you have working at your premises at the job. I will get his name and information because I do speak with him on occasions and

I will post his information on this report because this man getting hurt at the lakes RV Resort because they did not follow any OSHA guidelines must have tons of medical Bills because of his injury; because the lakes RV Resort does not follow OSHA laws and guidelines to protect workers and put workers in harm's Way the state State of Arizona needs to investigate and look at all the workers that they have and pull their payroll stubs because this company is violating the tax laws of Arizona and pays everybody off the books in which is illegal and if they don't provide workers compensation insurance like the man that got seriously injured at this park try to get from Michael the manager which he did not have workers compensation insurance should not be open for business.

The State of Arizona really needs to investigate this park because this is happening too often throughout the State of Arizona with RV parks violating workers' Rights and safety Rights because they refuse to follow the OSHA safety guidelines at the workplace. They the lakes RV Resort in St David located 801 s Lee Street Saint David Arizona 85630 do not even know what an OSHA law is...

I witnessed this man after Michael called the ambulance and the ambulance has records exactly where they picked them up after he broke his femur Michael treated him like he was the plague and stated he can't work now I want nothing to do with him and I want him off the property. What callous person does this to an injured person when they are working for you (God only knows).

I am working with this person and I will be scanning all of his medical records ambulance records and everything that happened with this accident; because the manager Michael did not do the Right thing by helping this man during this tragic accident and threw him under the bus and you don't do that only the lowest form of life does this to a person.

You can search for any mathematical expression, using funct Minimum wage set to increase in Arizona in 2022 PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona's minimum wage will increase from $12.15 an hour to $12.80 an hour on Jan. 1 under a law approved by the state's voters in 2016 that gradually increases the bottom rate employers are allowed to pay.Dec 30, 2021

I personally took my truck because this hurt gentleman that the manager Michael shunned and told his neighbor Corey that Michael is planning on throwing you out the day he got home from the hospital after major surgery stated that Michael said as soon as you are well enough he is going to throw you off the property because you are a liability and he Michael the manager of the Lake RV Resort made No effort in trying to help this man after he almost died because of his injury.

This shows you how much of a low life RV park is truly is: This is not a company that I suggest anybody work for, and everything is documented and will eventually go to court because this park should be owned by buy a reputable and responsible company? Which currently it is not. When a company hurts a person man - woman - or child where they cannot even walk anymore and does absolutely nothing to help the person that this business injured and placed into harm's Way, (should not be in business).

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