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The Ladies Abroad

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Phone (214) 207-6756

The Ladies Abroad Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2022

Please do not use this company your money is not safe with them! If I could give 0 stars I would. With the selection of travel groups out there, please use any other one. With travel groups, especially female travel groups we are looking for a group that handles the planning for us, that surrounds us with people so we feel safe in a new country, etc.

None of which this company provides. This group also advertises "luxury" every chance they get, accommodations are not luxury. I went on a work trip and that van was nicer than the one they provided.

On my trip none of the activities matched the itinerary, all activities we either delayed or ran longer. For the price paid for the trip, everything should be handled with impeccable planning. When this was called out the founder, who accompanies all trips she mentioned "situations out of our control" this is the type of customer service you will get.

At one point we were running around for hours (unbeknownst to us), to get to our excursion one of the group members was in heels she was in so much pain, she decided to leave. The founder did not provide her transportation, she let her go and wait for a cab in an unfamiliar country (UAE) without cell service on her own. All the ladies on the trip were appalled.

I have plenty of examples of this occurring throughout the entire trip. If you need more information, feel free to message me but I can assure you every member that attended my trip was dissatisfied and all the women got was my apologies and some gaslighting. Most importantly, if she cancels a trip for you or if anything goes wrong, do not expect money back.

Once your money is sent to the company, you can say goodbye to it. You will have to fight to get it back, I had to spend days going back and forth for any compensation. The founder is a new "CEO" who only has self-serving intentions, who has no business running one.

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