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The Kroger Co.

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cincinnati
Address 1014 Vine Street
Phone 1-866-221-4141

The Kroger Co. Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2022

Todd gurney,camryn glassman and kroger is involed with human trafficking. Look up human trafficking kroger from 2010. all the employees work togather to keep it from getting out. Yes it has been reported. Their drugged me,stalked me outside of work. All the employees at kroger warehous in groveland. Also was paid alot of money to human traffic me by todd not support a company that human trafficks employee's.

Kroger human trafficks and controls all of their employee's. Do not apply here or work here. It is a bad cult. If you don't go crawling back to them their will threaten to kill you family.

  • Oct 9, 2018

Very Disappointed In The Kroger Co. They Have A Very Poor Customer Rewards Program For Their Legitimate, Paying Customers! I can Not Reiterate On How Many Times I have contacted The Kroger Co. to Complain About Their Rewards Program! It Is Absolutely Horrible and has Always Been That Way For Around The Past (20) Years! They Only Cater To The Gasoline Companies For Making Grocery Store Purchases and Nothing More! Back home in Canada, Our Grocery Stores Have Real Rewards Programs whereby when You spend something like $100.00 to $500.00 dollars, then You Get Something Like A $5.00 Grocery Store Credit Towards Your Bill and the Points Never Expire! The program that I am talking about for example is called the Air Miles Program and You Can Go Under for More Information and that is typically with the Grocery Stores and Everybody In Canada Loves The Program! Another similar program that we have is called PC Optimum and it is offered with the other Canadian Grocery Chain Stores such as Loblaws and No Frills and even Shoppers Drug Mart. For More Information About That Program, then please visit: I just can Not Believe that The Kroger Co. being a Billion Dollar Company Can Not Afford To Offer A Similar, Fair Grocery Shopping Rewards Program! Shame On You! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Ex-Customer Executive, Volunteer Writer For Google And Tripadvisor Websites /HPS PS: Thankfully I Shop At Trader Joe's Whereby The Prices Are Way Cheaper And They Don't Need To Worry About Giving Their Customers Further Discounts! PS: Back on Thursday, September 27, 2018, I Did Contact Them To Complain About It And All They Gave Me Was A Case Number Of: # 29458468 And Was Offered No Resolution, Period!

  • Mar 18, 2017

Purchased products from the Kroger Southfield location at Greenfield rd. Paranoid security buzzed around the entire (20 minute) stop. As I was checking out at self scan, I noticed that some of the pizzas I bought on sale (totinos party pizzas, 3 for 4 dollars) scanned differently individually. Remember, if you don't purchase the precise number of sale items, you'll lose money to them. Anyway, price scam as far as I see it, there is no reason not to have some transparency when it comes to pricing, and I resent being watched the entire trip-only to find out they are ripping consumers off a few pennies at a time at checkout. Buyer beware...

  • Dec 2, 2016

Buyer Beware.....4x the fuel points at Kroger display. When purchasing gift cards at Kroger each fall holiday season they advertise that you will receive 4x the fuel points for each gift card purchased, however the advertisement is misleading and therefore deceiving customers. Not all gift cards are sold with this expectation even though they are clearly mixed in with the others. If you purchase a Non-merchant gift card, ie Mastercard, Visa, American Express you will not receive the 4x points. The banner advertising this promotion is at the top and sides of the display in large attention getting letters with a small business card size disclaimer posted randomly throughout mixed in with the cards. (Too small to catch your attention) also no one is looking at small print they are focused on the 4x benefit and the assumption is made all cards with the display are included. The Non-merchant or other cards not in the promotion should be displayed somewhere else so as to not mislead the public. You will not get your money back on those type of cards and you will not receive the points. As told to me ...Corporate won't allow it.

  • Aug 1, 2016

As of July 28th I had 31 fuel points that I had to use before July 31st according to the Kroger app. I also had 296 I had to use before Aug 31. Today (July 31st) I went to use 300 of those points but it would only allow me to use 200. I called the 800# to find out why. According to Kroger, July’s points cannot be combined Augusts. So I will loose those 31 points today and unless I go inside today and earn 4 more points I will loose the 96 as well.

The lady at the 800# made it clear to me how unfair it was of me to expect Kroger to combine points. So as of today I am done with Kroger. Not only will they not get my money but it will go to support their competition. My question to Kroger is…was it worth it over 31 points? Who ever, is making business decisions for Kroger is thinking about themselves instead of their customers!

  • Jun 17, 2016

If you take advantage of the Kroger special offers of 4x fuel points on the purchase of gift cards (excluding Krogers), buyer beware if you shop in the Richmond, Indiana store. The special is advertised via several signs placed in the store, with the expiration of June 19, 2016 (Father's Day Special lasting for one week). I bought $250 worth of appropriate gift cards, but they rang up as the usual 2x fuel points. This is the second time it has happened to be in the past year. Trip to Service Desk, where helpful employee explains they will have to add the 500 points over 3 days, since there is a 200 point daily limit.

I explained this was my second time to experience the "mistake" in that store. I spoke to an assistant manager on the way out, telling him that by not scanning accurately but still advertising a false "special," Kroger is defrauding people, who won't realize it until they try to redeem points at the fuel pump. I told him it was hard for me to believe no one else had noticed during the several days the special has been running. He apologized and said he would pass on my concern. The thing is, Kroger should go back through purchase records and correct all balances on customers who bought gift cards this week.

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