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The Knotty Artisan

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 2901 S Highland Dr
Phone 702-466-1766

The Knotty Artisan Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2021

I was redoing my home and wanted custom counter tops in my kitchen . I searched online and found epoxy counter tops and then found the Knotty Artisan. I made the call and Bronson came out to my home and we talked about what i was looking for and agreed on the cost, he also advised me that any wall damage would be repaired by him and to make sure i had touch up paint . When I hired Bronson he had me out to his shop to make a sample counter top piece. He made a beautiful piece and a deposit was paid.

When the time came to install he came out to pick up my very expensive sink to attach it to the counter top. When he came to install the 3 seperate sections he had only brought two and advised me that the hole for the sink was cut to small and he had to make the hole bigger and would be back in a couple days with the last piece. When he came back i noticed the last piece didn't match the first two, not only did it look sloppy but the glitter was missing and his assistant was swearing to me that it was full of glitter. I also noticed the sink was not even in the hole and there was a huge gap.

I addressed my concerns and was told the sink couldn't be fixed. Bronson did admit that there was no glitter and he would figure out how he could fix it. He ended up coming out and sanding the top layer and adding glitter but the top is bubbled and looks like garbage, the bottom line is this piece was made by someone else and not by Bronson.

Also there was wall damage that he added bondo too but that is all, i had to have someone come texture and paint to repair it. I sent Bronson a text to tell him how I felt and of course he didn't respond. It takes guts to rip off and old lady. I am filing complaints everywhere i can and I am calling my lawyer on Monday to see about small claims court.

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