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The King Of Systems

Country United States
State Ohio
City Beavercreek
Address 2371 Lakeview Dr.
Phone (937) 429-8515

The King Of Systems Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2017

John Cochange is a Complete Guru Scammer!!!

Years back I purchased his BOF CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for $997.00. It was supposed to provide lifetime use and access along with his HUD training course.

I found the HUD training course to be a complete waste of time.

The BOF CRM was pretty decent with some handy tools in it that helped me make a few thousand dollars wholesaling.

While it had a few bugs to work out, it was still effective.

The main problem was that 2yrs down the road he decided to make changes to his system re-labeling it BOF 3.0.

Once this was done all the customers that paid in the $997 had to start paying a monthly subscription just to use the system that we had already paid for!!!

That is just plain theft and criminal!

One of these days John, your business practices and lack of ethics with be your can not escape karma, it is inevitable!!!

  • Nov 7, 2015

I have taken 2 courses with John Cochran, and while I value his experience and the excellent rehab information taught on his courses, I want to point out that I also felt ripped off after paying for them. The first course I took was basically a combination of a "Rehab" course and a "crack the HUD system" course. About a week after I had purchased them, I was upsold by John to take a more advanced course which gave more up-to-date Rehab course info, and also included a $500k credit line, all for a $500 course price increase. In order to upgrade, I had to give up both the original courses that I had bought (and had only half finished) in order to buy the upgrade for $500 more. The upgrade course was completely misleading, and I have to say, that despite the good quality of the training, I felt completely ripped-off for the following reason. Only after the refund period, John announced that one of his Hard money lender friends (offering high hard money rates) was the actual "credit line". This was total BS! I'm an ex-banker, and I can tell you that a credit line is NOTHING like getting money from a hard money lender, in terms of rates or terms! Also, a credit line is revolving and you can use it whenever you want. John's hard money lender had a rigorous application process and none of the deals I submitted were approved. So, basically, all the course participants had all been mislead and ripped off!

I'd also like to mention that the HUD course I took was completely out of date, and most of the info I learned in it was useless. In addition, I joined John's "" service, and he was very misleading when selling this service as well (saying each call was only 10 cents, when in fact you get charged by the minute). When I contacted John directly about ending my service because of the high costs, he gave me the wrong instructions and kept charging me. When I asked for a refund, I was turned down. Obviously, I don't recommend his courses or services at all, because he's all about taking your money, and I don't trust the guy at all. Be warned!

  • Aug 31, 2016

Your Experience


Due to the other parties involved in this situation, we would prefer to speak to you privately

about your experience.

Please email [email protected], we would love a chance to look into your case.

The HUD class you were given was completely updated and re-done in 2014 and then tweaks

were made as needed ensuring the course was always up to date.

Anyone who knows John Cochran knows he operates with integrity and always does the

right thing. If you go to the LeadCaptureNumbers.Com website you will see it very clearly states

10 cents per minute. It appears that you misunderstood that.

We're sorry for the experience that you had and can assure you that we value each and every

one of our clients. We truly are in this business to make people successful.

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