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The Kibo Code

Country United States
State Ohio
City Oklahoma City
Address 3710 N. Meridian Ave
Phone 405 834 0887

The Kibo Code Reviews

  • Oct 27, 2023

Since I have now spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars that I can ill afoord, and countless hours on their "learning modules" I want to be sure no one else gets taken by these con artisits.

The marketing (a sucker is born every minute, ME) purported a done for you, with some work on your part, guaranteed one time cost for lifetime access, no additional fees, proven business model.

For "only" almost $4000.00 USD, they walk you through step by step to set up an online business, that would be profitable within days. (FLAG, but I am deperate, with a wife on hospice and money flowing out faster than incoming)

A small portion of the things they "forgot" to tell you:

You have to sit through countless (read hundreds)of hours of "training" and go to a plethora of additional steps to get set up with all of the entities they porport to be easy to do, (what happend to "done for you"?with page after page of legal documents and requirements from each entity to "meet their qualifications" eg; Wal- mart, amazon. and other online giants, (you find this out after they cash your check). Their modules are informative, but a considerable amount of information is spent marketing for more of their "products" or bragging about their success, and setting up their "done for you" area of the site. Many must be watched several times as they move extremely quickly through their "processes".

You must set-up a business- understood, but the "done for you, all inclusive" is a complete lie, and there is considerable additional cost, "$thousands"! to get a legal entity in place, and now I get to pay again to get the firm that they recommened to file "dissolution" of the entity. There are taxes that must be paid every year to the State in which the entity is formed, whether you do business, make money or not. Additionally, you must file in your State as a foreign corporation, so you can pay your state taxes, another "forgotten cost" in the "complete, done for you, lie"

The overall program is to rip off other vendors on many sites, copy their sales and marketing, change the wording (avoid plagerism) mark their price up and market (at an additional cost) their product, buy it from them when you get an order and have them ship it to the customer that found it on your site. When the customer receives their product and realizes they paid way too much and it came from another site, you have coverage for your company by inserting verbiage in your sites "terms and conditions" a return policy that is going to cost the end consumer so much time and trouble, as well as return fees and other costs that most, if not all, will just move on.

The rules change constantly, the Cartzy commerce site that was attached to the original "done for you, no additional cost" That was included in the "lifetime" package, Has now blocked my site and is demanding an annual sign up of almost $1000.00 USD to open me back up, (which can only be paid annually). The rules changed a year ago, and cartzy was no longer included as part of the "lifetime package" was the explanation I finally got after several e-mails (with a day wait in between each one) to both Cartzy and KIBO. Unless you signed into KIBO and watched another "module" there was no way to know this, even though they have all my contact information, and could have e-mailed, called, mailed out a letter, anything. I unfortunately was otherwise engaged taking care of my dying wife of 34 years, and had zero time to devote to more hours of rhetoric and upsells.

Additionally, there are more ever-changing rules to sell on the "mega sites" as listed above and on the original marketing fodder, as the site that would accept your products and make you sucessful. Requiring page after page of legal jargon to be read and acted upon, to keep from being "blocked or suspended" from selling on these sites. It should be noted there are also fees (non-disclosed in the marketing fodder to get you to sign up for this mess) associated with sales that must be paid to the billion dollar+ sites.

This is the tip of the iceberg. PLEASE don't fall for this SCAM, I am a fool, and although I did work through many hours of this convoluted, garbage, this is not a "done for you, no additional cost" business that is viable unless you can devote extreme time and have unlimited resources to stay in compliance.

I am disgusted with the fact that now after losing my wife and trying to pay the mountain of medical bills, I get to pay to get out of this program put together by a "den of thieves"

Their guarantee is a joke as well, the fine print summarized : basically, spend thousands marketing a product, after spending thousands getting set-up, "Done for you, no additional fees, NOT" prove that you did this in an extremely limited amount of time and we will give your original payment back. Forget the thousands in additional cost that you spent, the hours that you spent wading through the modules, rhetoric and marketing during the "training" , because that is gone.

The old adage' If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" should have been followed by me. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!.

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