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The Key Online

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Address 208 West I 240 Service Road
Phone 855-416-5682

The Key Online Reviews

  • Oct 5, 2016

When I purchased my vehicle in August 2015 I was very happy with Percy Day (Salesman) Although, he didn't sale me what I initially went in for he did help me get a pretty decent car which I did eventually grow to like. Well today (14) months later I've begun to experience a major repair issue. My transmission has gone out which I just can't seem to fathom. My car is only 3 years and under 75K and my transmission has already gone out? I'm not understanding this. My debacle is Percy Day pushed warranty and told me that The Key would make all of the needed major repairs should I have any and the only cost out of pocket I would endure would be the deductible.

I recently accepted a job offer in Atlanta, GA with the same company I was working for in Oklahoma City and per, Matt - (MGR) because I live in another state, I'm expected to pay $2200.00 for a new transmission but then he told me if I lived in Oklahoma City I could bring my car in and would only be responsible for the deductible and have the cost of the repair billed into my monthly payment but they won't honor it because I'm now residing in Georgia nor will they put me into a rental car, nor will they pay to have my car shipped back to Oklahoma City for repair. The warranty is very shotty. People move out of state all the time for work and should be able to go to any dealership for repairs regardless of the location. I want the warranty reviewed in detail

I've placed multiple calls to The Key since the conversation and have left numerous messages and have emailed service manager (Tom Johnson) and still no response. My car is sitting at Buick in Atlanta, GA and no ones doing anything to help me get it fixed. The Key is trying to not honor my warranty and this isn't going to end well. I want a full fledge investigation ran on this company to see if this ios a legal practice.. I pay way too much money for them not to want to honor my warranty and make this a much easier process. I feel that because I'm in another state I'm being taken advantage of and this poses to me as a possible repossession knowing I'm unable to come out of pocket and pay for the cost of this repair.

I've been trying to get in touch with a finance manger and no one has tried contacting me. Everything is sitting in idle while I'm having to rent vehicles to get to and from work everyday. I will NEVER make a recommendation for this shoddy company. They don't make good on their promises.

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