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The Ken Experience

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone (310) 590-5583

The Ken Experience Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2016

Kenneth Anderson took money for services rendered. a photography package for a family photo shoot was purchased in 2012 via PayPal at a total cost of $475 . The shoot took place on November 11th 2012 in Detroit Michigan while he was in town from LA visiting family. Kenneth stated that the photos would be returned no later than February of 2013. Out of a 3 + hour photo shoot Where over 200 shots were taken, only received 4 photos and never in print or on disc as promised. They were released on his Facebook page the Ken experience and no others were released. the 4 photos that were released only came to be after multiple emails and phone calls to the Ken experience. finally after talking with fellow clients, I learned that he had defrauded at least 30 or more people in the same manner. There was one that even took him to small claims court. Many people paid and never received their photo shoots or did the photo shoot and never received the photos. Kenneth used Tales of an illness that was never Confirmed to explain the delay in delivery of the photograph. He used relationships with former schoolmates 2 carry out his fraudulent activities.

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