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The Kathryn at Grand Park

Country United States
State Texas
City Frisco
Address 4255 Cotton Gin Rd
Phone 1 469-609-6585

The Kathryn at Grand Park Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2018

management. Avoid this complex at all costs. To make excuses is unacceptable. Notice they never even said anything about the trash, the rats, and the loud people. The Kathryn is a dump and might as well take Section 8. Management and event staff need a total overall and obviously some visits and parenting classes from CPS. ;) They pick on certain residents in protected classes. A Fair Housing Complaint was filed today. I encourage anyone to file a discrimination complaint if they feel they and their families have been treated differently.

I would suggest you move anywhere but here. I am spreading the word any chance I get. If it changes I will update. But until then everyone should avoid The Kathryn. I wanted to like it here. Just came from my 5th resident event and am disgusted. Kids unattended running and screaming everywhere, coughing all over food, overall ruining everything as always. No supervision or accountability. Some of the colored kids were atrocious and disruptive. Call me racist- I call it the honest to god truth! They actually ran into an older resident and tripped him. My kids even asked me what was wrong with them, screaming at the top of their lungs indoors!! The event organizers and their own kids are a big part of the problem/unruliness. Sad to think we need security or police officers to keep things calm and civilized on a weeknight in Frisco Texas but it looks to be that way.

On the weekends at midnight and 1am kids and teens are outside Founders Hall unattended screaming loudly. Nothing is done. People dogs barking constantly on Poplar and Bourbon is a major problem not addressed. I think they had vacancies and started taking section 8 or got lax on approval. Not worth the hassle. I won’t be at any events nor will my kids until they send apology and have it under control. This is not kids being kids- it is kids being unsupervised and disruptive. If CPS had come to Founders Hall tonight or at other events, they’d need to bring a bus to remove all of the unruly (welfare raises) ahem, kids. And to the people sitting garbage bags out on Friday afternoons: stop. It’s against the rules and I see rats tearing into your bags by Sunday morning. The rats are probably big enough by now to set off your Ring cameras. Yuck.

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