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The Kalon Law Firm, LLC.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Hartford
Address #405, 140 Huyshope Ave
Phone 860-249-0979

The Kalon Law Firm, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 13, 2019

Christopher P Kriesen is a very odd, strange and creepy attorney. His targets are the single ladies, he stalks profiles relentlessly and worse of all steals content. 99% of the content of the Kalon Law Firm website is copied and he does not mention the sources in other words, he is a shameless plagiarist.

He calls himself an innovator yet does not have the tech background to back it up. His inflated profile is full of lies to feed his incredibly huge ego.

  • Jun 9, 2018

I am tired of this man calling himself an innovation expert in the field of law. After connecting with me on Linkedin, I noticed that he would constantly stalk and check my profile, little did I know that it is part of a grand scheme. One day, I noticed that he revamped his profile, enrolled in the school I have been taking classes and morped into a socalled innovator - what a farce. He made reference to a book that was on my wishlist on amazon (cyberstalking) and noticed the verbiage on his website stolen from my profile. This man needs to be accountable for his actions. It is not right to steal ideas from others sepcially if you are an attorney. He also explores the internet to meet single women and this man is very much married - he is sick in the head.

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