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The Kahrilas Group

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Address 433 North Camden Dr., Suite 970
Phone (310) 887-4300

The Kahrilas Group Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2018

He got a loan from me for 75K and we have agreed the rate of interest and date that he will return my money with the agreed interest,

It has been 3 yrs and I have been calling and calling him until he no longer can be reached. I have lost my 75K ., I hired a lawyer to sue him but he does not have anything in his name. His home was first in his wife's name and he keeps on moving residences. His business is just a front. He created several entities but he lives on what the investors have put in and it is all a scam. I am sure my 75K is probably nothing to how much other people have lost. This guy has to stop. He has several lawsuits in line but he is slick cause nothing is in his name I do not know why he is still in business.

I hope someone will contact me and probably I can join a class act against this scrupulous person and really put him out of business and save other people from being conned. I will work the media and 20/20 should they investigate his ponzi schemes and put him to jail. JC>

I have not attached his photo but if you google Nick Kahrilas, you can find his photos in google.

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