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The K9 Training Academy

Country United States
State Florida
City Parkland
Phone 954-900-4370

The K9 Training Academy Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2017

The K9 Training Academy is company being run by a criminal named Rick Lherisson. He claims to be a dog trainer and have all type of credentials which are not real. He is running a business out of his own property because the old location he had, clients and victims started calling him out and complaining in Homestead area. I took my dog to get trained at this location and without doing the proper research , gave my dog to him. It all started with him not answering my calls or messages, then it lead to him making up excuses about my dog having temper problems. When I finally saw he was a bullshit artist , I drove over there and got my dog back. My dog was in bad conditions, malnourished, smelled and looked as if he had been in his own urine for days. Not only that , but the dog had injuries that do not happen over night like Rick claims. My vet decided to report him to the humane society which is now investigating him.

Not only that I am trying to get the local news to call him out on his criminal organization he has going . I dare you to look up this man online and you will find out how he was convicted of trying to sell a car without a vin or matching vin, which means it was stolen. He also has multiple animal cruelty investigation over the past years. His wife acts like the receptionist , and they claim to have multiple trainers which is not true. He does not allow you to visit his facility or property to see your dog while in training. He likes to pay his little athlete friends or famous friends to give reviews on him, to counter his criminal accusations. I might have lost my money , but this guy does not know how much spot light will be put on him. He likes to say " One way or the other I will get your money" Yes , Rick , you have officially got compensated for the hell that is coming your way buddy. Follow him on FB and watch his bullshit lies. Ask him to go see your dog unannounced and watch him freak out.! I have officially made a video of him giving my dog back to me, its sad to see a animal abuser free in society.

  • Jun 21, 2017

Our two year old dog is a large breed. He was unruley and with children, we were concerned aboout his lack of obediance and the kids inability to control him. So out of desperation, we reluctantly signed him up for Rick Lherisson's 30 day advanced obediance program. We have mixed emotions about the experience and feel the need to share it here.

First, let me say that in the end, we got the obediant dog we hoped for. He is well trained, responds to commands and is completely controllable. However!

During the training, we missed our dog and wanted to visit to check on his well being. K9 discourages this, won't let you on the property without an appointment and charges $100 for for each visit.

As the 30 day term approached, we were anxious to get our dog back and were disappointed to hear that his training was not yet complete, and Rick needed more time, at additional cost. We begrudgingly agreed to another week and paid the additional fee. Then as pickup time approached we got the same story again with more excuses. "we just need a little more time" (and money). And so it went. The days turned into weeks and weeks to months.

All in all, Rick kept our pet over two months before he was reurned to us. The final cost, tripple the initial price.

The take away. Watch out. Once they have your dog, you don't want to give up without the obediance you thought you paid for, so they can nickel and dime you until it adds up to thousands of $$$ and there is nothing you can do. Despite Rick's verbal assurances, his contact says time frames are estimates there in no guarantee that the animal will be trained sucessfully in the timeframe you expect.

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