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The K Company Realty

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Phone 904-655-6202

The K Company Realty Reviews

  • Dec 11, 2017

When I contacted the first agent iris Edri, I left voice messages and emailed the agent. For 3 weeks, Iris either never returned the calls or respond to emails. She was out of town enjoying her Jewish holidays and did not bother to listen or read her mail. She never bothered to respond even when she was back to work. Her phone line recording should mention the date when she was planning to resume her job. When finally I spoke to her, she refused to take the two rentals and recommended me to her colleague Karmit Krespy. She mentioned to me that she does not work on Saturdays.

I met Karmit and that one also did not perform any rental service for almost 2 months. Karmit also does not work on Saturdays. Both are too busy with family matters to deal with serious customers trying to make a living with rentals. I decided to fire her and moved forward. I cannot afford to waste my time. Time is money. I won’t recommend that real estate company and recommend you to look somewhere else. It is quite impossible to find a professional, serious, hard working, reliable, honest agent in Fort Lauderdale or neighborhood towns. Better early than late!

  • Feb 8, 2017

Do not contact Justin or Jessica unless you are ready to buy! When I contacted them about a listing for rent 2134 Belinda Cir, $1,050 /mo, Jessica only wanted to qualify me for buying. They were not interested at all in renting to me. When I got past the questions about buying they quickly said I was ineligible to rent but I can qualify to buy. After asking 2 questions about the process I was told by Jessica she was not interested in arguing with me. I do not recommend contacting unless you are ready to purchase!

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