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The Judge Law Firm

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 18881 Von Karman Ave #1500
Phone 949-833-8633

The Judge Law Firm Reviews

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  • Nov 26, 2015

The Judge Law Firm was the law firm hired by my HOA. After satisfying the HOA judgement the JLF continued to increase the attorney fees and collection fees. They refused a settlement, placed a lien on my home, refused to work out s fair payment plan. Their initial fee was $2500, but after a long drawn out process the fee became $16,500. They refused to provide accounting records. They continue to drag the issue through court. The attorney who they send to the court is only an appearance attorney and can never assist with the details of the case. Importantly, the JLF had an arrest warrsnt issued for me, simply because they claimed I was served. I WAS NEVER SERVED. At this point i have contacted several attorneys who have all advised that a class action lawsuit is best. I have found a "super lawyer" law firm in San Francisco who would be willing to represent a class action lawsuit. This would be the best option for the many people hurt by this vulturous law firm.

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  • Jan 4, 2018

The Judge Law Firm levied my account without ever serving me. Shortly AFTER my account being levied the first time I received a copy of a judgement in the mail from them. The Judge Law Firm has levied me several times to date, far beyond the original balance by many thousands of dollars. The current amount is exponential to that of the original balance. The Judge Law Firm has never accpepted a reasonable offer of any kind to settle the debt. Their sceam is to keep racking up charges because they know that we cannot afford to do anything about it. Someone has to do something about this. This is absoluttely despicable. I would be happy to take part in any lawsuit against them, class or otherwise.

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