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The Joint Chiropractic

Country United States
State Washington
City Renton
Address 830 N 10th St
Phone 425-947-8935

The Joint Chiropractic Reviews

  • Nov 14, 2023

RIPOFF They are taking from a senior, on limited funds when they haven’t performed as promised. They are charging $79 per month, for services not used and their office is closed and or unavailable during advertised open hours, numerous times and is why I cancelled. They are taking from a senior, on limited funds when they haven’t performed as promised. I’ve called and canceled numerous times in writing

  • Feb 27, 2020

I went to see about a chiro package for a series of sessions for my wfie's back

she arrived at the office and filled out a form detailing my symptoms

then she gave it to the secretary

the doctor then spoke with me regarding my symptoms and suggested i

would need more then 1 session to resolve my back issues

we then discussed the packages that would fit my requirements

and the package i chose was $79

i completed my sessions in nov of 2019

end of story.

on monday feb. 17th i became aware that my account have been debited

on dec. 2 , 2019 for the amount of $79.00

on dec. 31, 2019 for the amount of $79

on jan. 31, 2019 for the amount of $79

none of these charges were based on services rendered

she has not returned to the joint chiro since her last session in NOV

on feb 19th i went to the doc's office and spoke to the secretary about

issue, she then showed me a card detailing that this was a monthly

charge. they never presented me with this offer and they never told me

any details regarding a monthly.

i rescinded the authorization to debit my card - which i had never given

and proceeded to my bank they are now under investigation

i need a refund from this company

  • Mar 24, 2018

First, I want to say that the treatment I received from several differnet Chiropractors was very good. The doctors were pleasant, professional, and gave good adjustments.

My problem is with membership change business practices. I have been a monthly member for over two years. During that time I moved and now go to a different location that I originally signed up at, which was part of the appeal of the The Joint. Recently due to a job change, I have not been able to go as many times each month as I used to and wanted to change from a monthly membership to a package program.

I asked the receptionist at my now regular clinic to change my membership, and she informed me that all changes need to be done in person at the location of original sign up. No changes can be made by phone or at any other clinic.

So now, I need to take a vacation day from work and drive over two hours to the location I originally signed up at. I guess I'm lucky I didn't move even further!

While I was going to continue using the Joint and just change my membership, the extreme inconvenience of this practice has changed my mind about continuing business with this company. I feel scammed, and want to get as far away from this company as possible.

For a nationwide business, this is a ridiculously restrictive practice.

To anyone with a Joint membership, make sure you cancel before you move or it will be nearly impossible to do so. Beware!

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