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The Jermyn Apartments

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Scranton
Address 326 Spruce St
Phone (570) 343-1181

The Jermyn Apartments Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2018

Well this place is in downtown Scranton PA,the place is run down and they only fix things if they half to,they have section 8 and HUD vash here and should keep things up.but the do not the no one cares,Scranton housing comes once a year to sign papers they do not care either,all anyone cares is about the MONEY this place has Drunks,drugs,mental,they set the fire of all the time cause people burn things or just walk away,the only good thing about this place it is close to everything and buses that is it,the rent is high unless you have section 8 or HUD vash,they is alot of vets here they drink all the time.just wanted people to see this.

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