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The Isen30 Project

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 213-570-7646

The Isen30 Project Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2017

Jerry Alex Smith and ISEN30 Group is a HOAX! Jerry befriends people ( mostly women) via FACEBOOK or Tinder. His charming appeal and high level of intellect is very seductive and lends itself to sociopathic behavior. The ISEN GROUP is compiled of people that he has gained some trust and compassion for his philanthropic work with the homeless. He then offers to add you to his group. You are officially on the ISEN GROUP TEAM! His ultimate goal (according to him) is to improve the homeless situation in LA. He uses the LA Mayor (photos with the Mayor @ an event ) as a platform to validate his authenticity and for his personal gain. He claims that a "Korean TV Network has contracted with him and will pay him $3,000,000 at the end of a 2 year commitment, living in the homeless shelter in LA. As of 3/28/2017 he has served 6 months of his term. Jerry is claiming that the "homeless mission" is "the story behind the story" The REAL thing that he wants to accomplish, in my opinion, is to capitalize on his former celebrity contacts by producing a documentary showing all the ways in which celebrities have practiced philanthropy.

For this project he has set up a "Go Fund Me" account! So BEWARE ladies and gentlemen...We have a real WOLF in sheeps clothing!

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