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The Intuitive Connection, LLC

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 1626 Story Avenue
Phone 502.727.0445

The Intuitive Connection, LLC Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2018

Suzanne Smith, owner of The Intuitive Connection, markets herself and her business, as a Psychic Practice with a goal of spiritual help. Here are a few statements direct from her site: ••"People often come to me with questions, with pain, with confusion. They leave feeling empowered, heard and centered." ••"Compassionate insight, empowerment and spiritual wisdom... My soul purpose as an Intuitive Practitioner" ••"I teach and help others to evolve and grow in spirit. In our time together I attune to your higher self, while the ego rests" The overall tone suggests the importance of understanding, spirituality as well as love and kindness, the core of compassion. Yet my brief interactions with Suzanne were the polar opposite, which is why I feel compelled to file this report. I'm also intuitive, I've had numerous readings during my life and thankfully, most are true to their higher purpose....but it's the ones that are "for profit" that value money over helping, much less any understanding, that give psychics a bad reputation.

In Suzanne's case, it was more subtle: it's about how she handled the situation and responded to me that are at direct odds with what psychics are supposed to exude, leaving me feeling dejected and upset.....questioning her core intent, spiritual values, ethics and accountability to any higher power. It began with my missed appointment. I had read through her site and appreciated her spiritual outlook, and was drawn to her use of the word "compassion"- especially with the extent of abuse I'd endured, and eagerly looking forward to the session...... but unfortunately had written it down for the following day. It wasn't until I saw her two emails at 11:18am, stating: "We had an appointment scheduled for 11am...(included her number)" followed by another a minute later: "It's 11am and ...and I'm sitting here waiting for you....." ...My heart just sank. I immediately responded in a flurry of emails, approximately a paragraph each, gushing my sincerest/deepest apologies, beginning at 11:15am. First I told her how I'd written the wrong day and how extremely sorry and embarrassed I was. No response. At 11:19.

I sent a second email with a more lengthy apology, telling her how I'd never missed an appointment in years, specifically because I'm very cognizant and respectful of other people's time, I make it a point to be punctual, how I reschedule as soon as I know there might be an issue, and how OH so sorry I was, adding I'd be glad to pay a reschedule fee to make up for it. No response. My third email at 11:24 was filled with more apologies, but now I included some fairly personal insight to help further explain how recent traumatic events had worsened my Complex PTSD, causing problems with memory/confusion, that's left me struggling to organize my thoughts, time, and my overall ability to function normally. I asked if there was anytime today - if not -I'd take her soonest available. I conveyed just how much this bothered me, how much I valued her time and how it wasn't just merely forgetting or the result of being careless. Finally after 1pm, she responded with one single email that included one statement: "You can reschedule on my site". So let me preface that while understand most business practices, and was not expecting an equally emotional or lengthy response, and know that not everyone is warm and friendly....but given the sites impression and the reality that most psychics are sought in moments of duress... her curt reply was both unacceptable and RUDE.

Most people -regardless of the type of business - wouldn't be so dismissive. It's the combination of things: It's the fact that I'd gone overboard to sincerely apologize in three emails, and she didn't bother to acknowledge in the slightest, ANY of the information in ANY of them. Her "non-answer" regarding the rescheduling fee I offered, indicating her refusal to even consider or accept a fee rather than charging me FULL PRICE. I found that while some psychics charge 1/2 the fee of a missed session, (I looked it up) it's rare to be charged full price - especially if the person is willing to reschedule- they know it's better to be understanding to potential clients, as it increases the likelihood of repeated future sessions when treated with compassion...which leads to long term customers complete with referrals and rave reviews....rather than rip off reports and complaints. Suzanne's site is disingenuous at best.

Real Psychics are supposed to set an example, are held to a higher standard that exemplifies truth, honor, respect and trust....for starters. I know my Guides/Angels and Ascended Masters would be appalled if I were to to value money over helping others, or deny a reading to anyone because of finances. BOTTOM LINE: God intended all psychic gifts to be given freely to othera- to assist and guide others with spiritual development- that's why He calls them GIFTS. Not a source of income. Psychics should have a regular job and offer ALL readings to ALL people for FREE- and ask for donations. I know God will reward them in making sure they're financially sound, maybe not rich, but that's not our purpose. It's to unconditionally love and forgive ourselves and others. And while I forgive Suzanne - my reason for reporting is to warn others of her sincerity and inent- and will gladly edit or remove after receiving an acknowledgement and changes.

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