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The Interior Gallery

Country United States
State Texas
City Carrollton
Address 2920 Commodore Dr
Phone 214-614-8176

The Interior Gallery Reviews

  • Nov 2, 2016

I received a Monte Carlo toilet that looked great but was unusable. You couldn't sit on the seat without it popping and you falling into the bowl! As seen in the picture, the seat barely rests on the toilet bowl and when you sit on it, it often falls into the toilet bowl, giving the sitter a rather sudden and scary jolt! For someone with back trouble this could be excruciating I’m sure.

They would not accept a return and put me through a bunch of rigmarole trying to replace the seat and seat parts. That didn't fix the problem as it is a design flaw with the toilet not the seat. I began to push harder for a refund and they began threatening me with collections, among other scare tactics, and tried to make me sign a contract saying I would remove my negative reviews (It has been almost a month of dealing with them and I had posted some negative reviews). Never trying to rectify the problem and adamantly refusing to proccess a return, much less offering to pay the return shipping.

I eventually filed a dispute with paypal and paypal was great. The Interior Gallery began threatening me via phone and email after this. Insinuating they would say the toilet was broken so I wouldn't get my paypal refund, and the same stuff from before. Paypal assured me that they had my back and I forwarded all communications to paypal as the seller just wouldn't use the paypal dispute message board. Well, actually they did use it to offer a full refund and to offer to pay return shipping, but any moves on my part to collect on this offer were unfruitful. They always refused when it came down to it.

I shipped the toilet back at my expence of $136. Paypal puts return shipping on the buyer unfortunately. So, my $549.99 is being held hostage for the $136 shipping cost! So I'm out the shipping cost and all plumbing fees.

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