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The Insight Program

Country United States
State Georgia
City Roswell
Address 5110 Old Ellis Point
Phone 770-740-8696

The Insight Program Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2018

This company dodges federal and state minimum wage laws.

Employees are paid a salary (not enough to live on) of 14k a year. This is the same way that T-Bell dodges the minimum wage for their tomato pickers, but not for their drive-thru employees.

Your child's counselor is paid far below minimum wage unless that counselor is the regional director. Raises occur after 2-4 years, the first raise bumping to a whopping 16k a year, or $4.50/hr. Even senior counselors are paid below minimum wage most likely around $5.50/hour, those lucky guys. Raises occur after 2-4 years, the first raise bumping to a whopping 16k a year.

Employees are forbidden from speaking about their "salary" to anyone but the director Living in the same apartment or house as other employees is required for continued employment. Prepare to be heavily berated by co-workers and supervisors if you don't lean the right way politically.

A verbal and sometimes written accounting of ones off time and private thoughts is required to be given on a daily basis. Yes, this institution uses thought policing on their employees and your kids.

I was paid under $4 an hour while working 60 hour weeks.

Staff members are abusive when it suits them. All common tactics cults have used are employed to brainwash staff members. Every single staff member is culled from the children put into this program on a yearly/bi-yearly basis.

Unfortunately this abusive institution cost me much of my life, I am thankful it didn't cost me more. Instead of making $4 an hour I make somewhere in the high 3 figures hourly. Life is much better without being in a cult.

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