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The Inn at Reading

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Wyomissing
Address 1040 Park Road
Phone 610-372-7811

The Inn at Reading Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2017

I used priceline to reserve a 3 star room. I didn't bid on it but did an express deal. With tax this room was $72. We were driving to the Berks/Lancaster County area to have a much needed vacation for New Year's Eve. My husband had to work late and we ended up in Berks County at 8 pm. He called to double check when we had to check in. We were told no later than 11:30. We had to go out of our way to check in messing up dinner plans. The kid checking us in said it was his first day. He walks to work and has no idea about the area at all. My husband is 6 foot 3 and we were told we could have 2 full sized beds in order for my 3 year old to have a place to sleep. We went out to eat then to see fireworks. We drove back

to what is supposed to be a hotel. Our room number is circled on a paper map. As we pull up into the parking lot at 1:15 am we see many people registering at the front desk with luggage. We finally found our dorm room building in this run down compound. Why was it difficult to find? Building E was labeled with a piece of paper with marker hanging on by 1 piece of tape. As we walk up to the building the trash can has got trash spilling all over so someone put a cardboard box on the sidewalk which was filled with rotten food, beer cans, and cigarette butts. The entry area had 45 year old wood paneling, disgusting carpet, a dusty shelf, and Kmart slippcovers over beat up wing back chairs. It gets even better! While

it is 12 degrees outside the room is hotter than hell. The linens are ripped. The furniture is covered in syrup. The room stinks like mold and must. The carpet is dirty and ripped. There is dust everywhere. The walls have holes and hair that someone painted over. My feet stuck to the bathroom floor. The bathroom had rusty fixtures and a huge piece of granite screwed into the ceiling. Contractors use this trick to hide mold. We were not given our cookies when we checked in. We were told brunch ran until 12, it ended at 11 am. The person checking us out said no manager was available because he worked the night before. When my husband complained he got a blank stare and, "Happy New Year." Every place was

closed for breakfast because it was New Year's Day. We went 20 minutes out of the way to find a place to have brunch. I was very ready to leave this compound because it is extremely outdated and creepy. It is NOT a 3 star hotel, more like 0. It is worse than Motel 6 or Red Carpet Inn. It is seedy and looks like a place that prostitutes go to and college kids. In have stayed at 4 hotels within a 5 mile radius and none have been this bad. I have lived in Central America and have never been at place this bad. While the hotel was in my husband's name I called priceline to try and get some money back. After being on the phone for an hour I got absolutely nowhere. I phoned Chris B. The head manager of the

compound. He didn't answer my call and never called back. The agent at priceline gave me a direct line and he finally answered. He played dumb acting like he had no idea about anything. Priceline called him 2 times and asked to refund my money. He refused both times. He belittled me, butt in, was condescending, and rude. He accused me of lying and said, "No one has ever accused me of the things you have. All of our rooms are well appointed and well looked after. You never asked to switch rooms so that is your own fault." On Trip advisor there are almost 60 bad reviews. The funny thing is the bad reviews had people that have written over 150 reviews and are seasoned travelers. After every bad review a day

later a 5 star one pops up and the person writing it has no face pictures and no other reviews. Someone really got married on Monday January 2nd in Reading and just happened to stay there?After every bad review is a condescending message about how the problem is the guest's not the hotel's. The manager could have avoided this had he just said, "I am sorry, what can I do to help you?" Do not under any circumstances book a room here!

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