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The Community Builders, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 8 West 38th Street
Phone 617-695-9595

The Community Builders, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2023

I had the infinite displeasure of working for The Community Builders at their NYC office. The woman who hired me was a self-proclaimed, unrepentant "Dead Head," a follower of the Grateful Dead marijuana rock band even in her 60's and she was as fried as it was possible for anyone to be. I never worked for anyone so messed up in the head. She would yell at me, then claim I'd yelled at her first - when I HADN'T. She was like one of those crazies who you see on the subway sometimes that "fight" with invisible people. We're talking one severely brain-damaged burn-out of a "woman." And she was IN CHARGE of the New York office and all of their building projects! Human Resources was well aware that she was all messed up but they did NOTHING about it. They let her get away with it. She even made a comment at a staff meeting one time that she smoked her marijuana and got away with it but some of the poverty-stricken people we "served" with our "affordable housing units" got arrested for it! Do not work for The Community Builders. They knew full well how creepy she was but they did not stop it. They need to be looked into for their sick employment practices and their negligence.

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