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The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Cheyenne
Address 1712 Pioneer Ave. Suite 5968A
Phone 1-800-775-0722

The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2019

8 Figure dream lifestyles has a call in program to watch with people saying how easy it is to call others and have them send you money based on the promise of making even more money when others join.

They had 3 levels , 3k, 6k, 12k. If you nouhgt at 3k aand your customer bough at 6k- you get 3k and your team leader gets the rest. I bouhgt through my contact at teh 6k level and she had entered at the 3k level so Bryan her team leader got half the money.

They had an elaborate scheme wher you called in to a meeting adn people testiffied how much they had made jsut by calling prople and asking them to signup by sending them to the confernce call where they used high pressure tactics and live testimonials to convice you how easy this is .

They guaranteed if you contacted 50 people you would make at least one sale and after teh first sale you got your money back at least or you got yours and your team leader got the rest. They had 3 top prople who lead tems and you fall under one of those 3 teams immediately.

They charged for lists and anual fees an had the office track your calls and do the initial contacts for you and all new recruits started their own lines - multiple level marketing type program where all you needed was one recruit recruiting others and they became your downline.

My recruiter connected me with Bryan via video and he told me how to get themoney (bank draft sent through courier to an office address) and then I joined the meetings and got lists and made call all to no avail . I had asked Bryan if it wa just that easy and himself and pat laughed and indicated it was.

I paid all their fees monthly on top of the initail $6700 ($6000 plus startup fees). After working the program didligently with no results for almost a year Bryan said he would help me personally by having his secretary call for more money to get me more calls and I refused. Wrote to him to ask for at a least a partial refund - he said he would give me $1500- then I did not hear from him. He sent me a video of himself making antother pitch for more money and a seminar in Arizona.

I wrote to hinm again asking for a refuned- he said he has been assessed a 30k fine by the IRS in january 2019- had to write them a check and could give me no mony back and therefore I should do whatever i wanted but nio money back.

Brian claims to be very successful busines man - he is on Facebook touting his Coach Brian business and boasts of how much money he has made over the years based on this system. Of course if he can write a 30k check to the IRS that confirms that and also confirms he misreported income to the IRS

8FDL as the group calls itself in its promotional literature tome is not a legitimate business- claiming when I asked what should i tell the customers they were buying had no answer but said they controlled the sales and that was made up of selling how to manuls on the internet which I never saw a copy of and ws not privy to.

Brian and Pat Darcy and the company still owes me $6700 plus all the extra money I borrowed to pay them for this get rich quick scheme which tehy testified worked for them. Even the secretary clainms she had mafe over 100k in a very short time working for 8FDLs.

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