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Country United States
State Kansas
City Olathe
Address 10841 S. Ridgeview Road
Phone (800) 593-7777

Terracon Reviews

  • Nov 17, 2022

Initial contact was made with Dennis D*** @ Terracon Consultants in Tyler, TX to explain we need exploratory boring performed with testing to include what minerals were found. Dennis stated they had done this before and they knew exactly what we needed.

After the drilling, which took nearly 2 weeks longer than they had quoted, we waited nearly a month before we got the results which were due a week after the drilling was complete and the information given was useless. They mentioned no minerals whatsoever. After going back and forth with them for a few weeks trying to get the right information they told us that when it was done before that they gave the samples to the customer that had them tested elsewhere for the mineral content because Terracon did not have that ability. This was in direct conflict with what was told to us prior.

Since this seemed to be my only course of action, we conceded and asked for the samples so we could send them to a real laboratory for testing and were told that Terracon had disposed of them already. By this time we did not have time for more drilling and testing, thus we lost the opportunity to sell the said materials only to still have to fight with Terracon via attorneys and since they have deeper pockets, we conceded and paid $25,000.00 for the work they performed with ZERO gain from it. We lost another 5-8K in attorney fees as a result as well.

Steer clear of this company and the liars that work there.

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