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TemplateMonster Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

Took my money and didn't complete the work I paid for. Contacted customer service and they lied and refused to refund despite my refund request being sent less than 10 hours after purchase. Customer support kept telling me there was an error that wasn't there.

Rip off company taking people's money and providing no service and refusing a refund and refused to reply to me. Was told I would get an email from the author of the theme, but no such email has been received.

  • Sep 23, 2021

Template Monster has proven themselves a criminal organization in my dealings with them.

Template Monster sold me a defective template, that still had glitches even after they fixed it. After much work, they finally agreed to a refund on condition I sign a waiver that I would not use the template, which I did. I still didn't get the refund with an additional request that I remove an honestly written review. This I refused because it was fairly given and free speech.

They flat out lied to my credit card company, and the dispute is ongoing after months, despite my providing the relevant information.

They also filed a dispute against my negative review, that contained a pack of lies, that the template had no issues and that I was using it. The review was removed, but then reinstated by Trust Pilot after I sent them documentation I had downloaded of the livechat and support with their techs working on dealing with defects in the template, along with the error code. Then a screenshot showing the waiver saying I wouldn't use the template had been submitted. I also challenged them to trace where I was using the template (which I wouldn't do not just because of the waiver, but because it was glitchy). They stopped disputing the review when they found out I had documentation showing they were lying.

I have now laid a complaint with Trust Pilot over their high rating, due a stream of short gushing reviews, that all sound the same, referencing a person (when I dealt with about 5 people in the course of a couple of days). Their demand I removed my fair review shows their attitude to the integrity of the review process.

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