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Country United States
State Connecticut
City Plainville
Address 90 Whiting St
Phone 1 860-793-3480

TeleReach Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2022

The big rip-off artist. TeleReach Inc This is an online job that claims you will make a lot of money. There are just lies so they can control you. They will cancel contacts you get and give them to others whom they feel will deserve the money more.

This is a swindle company they will give you leads with little or no generating money. Don't apply thinking this is a paid salary. It's based strictly on commission and won't get the full money it's held back so they tell you some story to get you to go back to making calls and getting nothing.

You're better off working in a supermarket for $15.00 than in this rip-off place. telereach Ripoff United States

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