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TD Auto Finance

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Roanoke
Address PO Box 1622
Phone 1-800-556-8172

TD Auto Finance Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2022

This whole thing started when I was attempting to change my name on my title and my registration due to marriage the lienholder TD auto finance did not send the appropriate paperwork for at least two months to my local DMV in which time I was frustrated with that and I sent them a cashiers check to pay off the balance in full now.

I am requesting a lien release document that will be accepted by my DMV. I have provided this to them multiple times and they failed to send it to me and failed to release the lien. Their customer support is horrendous including referencing me by my old name even after I get done explaining what my new name is on the same call.

  • Feb 2, 2022

TD Auto Finance is operating under fraudulent practices. I have documents to prove my claim from the auto dealership (Offlease only, Bradenton, Fl.)

TD Auto finance refuses to refund money from cancelled insurances in a timely manner. A check for $3,193.94 was sent to them Dec.17,2021 from the Auto dealership Offlease only(cancellations dept.) The second check for $4,391.28 was mailed to them Jan 13,2022.

TD Auto Finance claims their policy on refunds is 20 days. I originally cancelled the policies on Nov. 8, 2021. This company needs to be investigated for fraudulent business practices.

please advise.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I always had a fishy feeling about this company because upon checking my statements, it seems that the balance was never correct. It was always higher than what I anticipated after making a larger payment.

I remembered also that I had removed gap insurance from my loan via my car dealer at the very beginning of my financing through TD. The car dealership (keyes hyundai) was handling the matter and informed me that a check had been sent to TD Auto for the gap insurance cancellation 2 years ago, May 2016.

Recently, because the billing seems so off and there's no way to actually review the balances - they send summaries only per request and you cannot actually see previous payments in your summary which is so so so odd. I looked over it and came to find out that these people had never removed gap insurance (almost $800) from my payoff quote/financing, though they did collect the check.

I tried communicating with them about what is going on and got a runaround. Instead of writing me back, they insisted on a phone call (so there /d be nothing in writing. I insisted that they email me back via their messenger system in the wacky website, and someone finally did and they now pretend that my balance will be updated, only because i called them out on this scam.

Mind you had I not noticed the discrepancy, they would have pretended that they never got the gap insurance cancellation, and they would have happily billed me for it.

I am warning any customer dealing them them. I will be going over all my payments submitted to them, and calculating all the payments I made to them because I have a feeling they scam people and they never update the correct balance.

  • Feb 2, 2018

I had a loan setup for autopay through auto dealership and it was never setup by TDAutoFinance. One month, two month--where's the draft from bank account? I finally go out to THERE website and get into my account where I see I'm late one month--fees, fees, fees, and when I do post a payment on the DATE DUE, it was conveniently sent to bank 5-6 days later. I am refinancing, tonight.

These folks are pond scum and deal in unfair trade and dirty tricks. If you are offered a low-interest loan from them or by dealer, walk away--FAST!

  • Dec 12, 2017

I’ve been having multiple concerns with this company. TD auto finance lacks compassionate and attentive customer service agents. They created multiple mistakes on my account and charged hundreds in late fees. I enrolled in auto drafted monthly payments, for the past 6-7 months I had nearly $1000 removed 1st week of the month. As an consumer, I was doing my part and thought I was paying on time each month. Few months later, I realized they submitted a payment to the principal instead of the monthly payment; causing each monthly payment after late. When I would check online my statements, NEVER, did I see a late payment fee. I was never contacted by mail nor phone of my "multiple” late payments. But every month, TD AUTO bank would auto draft about $1000 on time. I would had never known until recently I called to make a phone payment. During the conversation with the customer service agent, she stated I had about $300 in late payments and was extremely impolite. I asked for a supervisor and she hung up. I called back and was told it would be taken care of. Three days later, I noticed TD AUTO bank drafted ANOTHER payment from my bank. Upset, I called customer service and asked to speak to a supervisor. Female on the line deny my request and said supervisor can’t help me. Overall, she said it was my fault for not noticing my account and late fees can’t be removed. My credit score is ruined thanks to this company. It’s unbelievable that these banks exists and the customer service agents that are brutal and heartless without empathy to try to help. This company does not care. They are money hungry, charge excessive late fees without noting them as that. They donot attenpt to contact you if you are "late”, instead they leech on to adding up these fees. This is TD Auto finance wrong doing, I did my part as an consumer and respectfully paid each month the amount I agreed to for a year , to this date. This bank ruined my credit score, robbed me in payments, and fees. Mistreated and lied to me through their employees. Employees who wrongfully wrote incorrect notes on my account and misleading falsely what I had said in previous conversations. Please do not do Buisness with this bank. Share my story. I am not the only one with the same concerns. Do your research and stay away from this unlawfully bank.

  • Apr 20, 2016

I traded my 2014 Rav4 financed by TD Auto--my car was paid off on 4/8/2016 it has been over 2 weeks no refund on my loan payment that was drafted out of my account, so I inquired would they pay me interest on holding my money because I lost a difference of 23 because they waited for there pay off. after waiting 30 minutes on phone for a manager to assist me the rep return to line and said the higher up team was not available but she was informed no compensation for my lost in cash and I would have to wait 20 to 30 days and it did not concern her the least when I told her how unfair that was and I would call BBB. I feel if they would cost me a 23 dollar lost because of daily interest but no compensation for my long wait. I think this is a rip off to the consumer he is charged fines if they are late on payment and charged daily interest.

  • Dec 9, 2015

Had TD auto Finance, I traded in the car for a new one near the time the payment was due so I made another payment so as not to affect my credit.

I made the payment on Nov 11th online. It cleared my bank on the 13th. TD received the payoff on the 25th. On December 3rd, I received a letter from TD stating that they had released the lien and sent the title to the payer.

I called to ask when my refund would be sent out. I was told it would 21 to 30 days. I explained that I made payments electronically & it had already cleared my bank. She said she didn’t care, we have a process, 21 to 30 days. They want your payments on time but will sit on your money as long as possible.

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