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Taos Offroad & Performance

Country United States
State New Mexico
City Taos
Address 1010 Dea Ln
Phone 1 575-758-7144

Taos Offroad & Performance Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

Complaint Details This issue started on 7/27/2020 I am being billed 1602.45. $923.36 for parts $540 for labor $128.09 for tax and $20 for miscellaneous charges I have not paid my invoice Norbert at Taos Off road told me that I needed to replace the case on my drive shaft along with the yoke. It took him over 2 months to order the parts and to Begin work on my vehicle. After waiting so long I offered to purchase the parts myself, to which he stated were already ordered I had a family emergency out of state and had to leave for 12 months.

When I returned, inquired about my vehicle and was informed that he installed a new transfer case as well as fixing the drive shaft case, a few other minor things like seals and the u-joints. I hadn't asked him to do anything else to the vehicle. He told me that my boyfriend had gone in and asked him to change out the starter I confronted my bf and he said he was told that I had asked for the starter to be replaced. He said I would need to pay off most of the balance to take the vehicle. I asked him why it was so expensive to replace the case on the drive shaft and I was told he put a new transfer case along with the starter.

I asked for a detailed printouts of the parts and charges for the labor and immediately noticed a discrepancy in the pricing of the parts and extra labor and services I had not asked for. I've priced the parts at multiple places and have come to the conclusion he is overcharging for parts and extra services I didn't ask for. Ive asked to speak with Norbert about the discrepancies I see And he hasn't returned a phone call, or texted, or even emailed.

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