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Tails & Tacos

Country United States
State California
City Temecula
Address 43710 Piasano Pl
Phone 951-219-5723

Tails & Tacos Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2023

I am writing this review/complaint in an effort to (A) provide an opportunity for Tails and Tacos to learn from this particular experience and hopefully provide better communication, or (B) if they aren’t able to accept responsibility for perhaps the worst communication/marketing/customer service I have ever experienced and warn other potential customers who are considering attending one of their events and/or (C) offer the same information for local businesses who may be considering sponsoring events at their facilities. As a small business owner myself, I go out of my way to support other small, locally owned business. Also as a business owner and sole proprietor of 13 years, I pride myself on offering impeccable customer service, taking responsibility when I make mistakes (we all do) and going above and beyond to correct anything I have done or what a client perceives as something I have done to cause them to be upset regarding my services. As a business owner, I am very transparent and there are multiple ways to contact me to communicate any issues my clients have experienced.

A couple of months ago, my youngest daughter found an event that was scheduled for Saturday September 9th, 2023. My entire family own businesses in the pet industry, we love animals and every weekend we attend events that the entire family and our dogs can attend. The event my daughter found was perfect because you were able to bring your dog!

My youngest daughter purchased tickets for herself, her husband, two children and their dog(s). I have the transaction showing the $45 they paid. My oldest daughter made two separate transactions. One was for herself, her husband, two children and their (dog)s and the second transaction was for me, my husband and our (dog)s. I have both of those transactions as well, totaling $45 per transaction.

The day of the event, my oldest daughter and her husband were unable to attend, and asked if my husband and I could pick up her two kids and take them to the event. When she purchased the two transactions, the tickets were sent virtually in an email so she forwarded the email to me. When I checked the tickets, no where on the ticket did it show the location/address/city, etc where the event was being held. I called my youngest daughter and asked her to check her tickets which were also sent virtually through email. She was unable to find the location as well.

On the tickets, it had an email link to contact the business. I clicked the link and sent an email requesting the event location. Within seconds, the email bounced back with a notification saying “address not found”. I tried sending a second email and the same thing happened. I have screenshots to backup my claim.

My daughter and I checked their website and the event was listed on their website, but no location was given. The only “clue” we had was where the event was listed, in the column all the way to the right at the bottom of the page, it said, “Canine Country”, but absolutely no address was found. Both my daughter and I searched but were unable to locate anything. My daughter did a google search for Canine Country and the first thing that popped up was a business located in Lakeside, CA which is very close to where we are all located. My daughter called the business and had no information about an event behind sponsored by Tails and Tacos. I looked closer on Tails and Tacos webpage where the event information was posted and at the very top of the page, there were three squares. The squares on the left and right had pictures of dogs and the center square said, “Canine Country and Dawg Park”. Was that where the event was being held, was it a business advertising on their page? It was totally unclear so I googled Canine Country Dawg Park and a location in Murrieta popped up. I went to their webpage and found a phone number so I called and spoke to the woman who answered the phone. She confirmed Tails and Tacos was indeed holding the event at their location. She said she would give my information to the gal who was there setting up the event and have her call me. The gal’s name is Lacie Deprim which I only found after doing extensive research. The woman who answered the phone at Canine Country Dawg Park was highly professional and had phenomenal customer service skills. I made a point to let her know how impressed I was with her.

One other important bit of information to include, on Tail and Tacos website, there is no contact number for the business. I can provide the web address as well to prove my point.

Here comes the next problem. Due to poor marketing and communication by Tails and Tacos, we researched for over an hour to try and figure out the location. My family and I live approximately an hour away from Murrieta so even if we left immediately, by the time we arrived, the event would be over or close to being over.

I waited the entire weekend and half day on Monday for Lacie Deprim who is one of the owners of Tails and Tacos to contact me. Since I didn’t expect to hear from anyone associated with Tails and Tacos, I continued my quest to contact someone from the business since their email account is invalid. I was finally able to locate a phone number. When I called, a male answered the phone. I had to due some heavy digging after our phone conversation to find out his name which I now know is David Gaitan.

His customer service skills are seriously lacking and I assumed after speaking to him, he had to be an employee or perhaps contracting with the company because I can’t imagine an owner of a business handling a situation the way he did. When I explained the situation and how we were unable to find the event location on Saturday, September 9th, 2023, he told me the location was located on their flyer. I explained I don’t have a flyer and have never seen one. He then told me if I want to contact the person in charge of the event, to do so via their Instagram page. SERIOUSLY? I told him I’ve never had a business tell me to contact them via their social media page. I asked him to take down my information and have the person in charge call me. He then proceeded to tell me he was driving and unable to take down my information. I then said, “Well, you’re on your cell phone then if you’re driving correct?” He affirmed that he was on his cell phone, whereby I said, “then I’m in your call log correct?” He acknowledged that he was and I told him when he has the opportunity, to give my information to the person in charge. Also during the conversation, he told me that the email that I sent that was returned as a non working email, I sent it to the incorrect email address. I then explained that I clicked on THEIR link provided on the virtual tickets. At every single turn, the responsibility for their mistakes and lack of transparency was placed solely on me.

After I got off the phone with David Gaitan, I took screen shots of the virtual tickets we had received which clearly show the link to their email address that he accused me of sending to the wrong email account. I also sent screenshots of the two emails that were returned, along with screenshots of Tails and Tacos website where no location address was provided to the event. He texted back and said the person in charge was going to contact me via email. SERIOUSLY? I texted back and told him I want the person to call me. He texted back saying they like a paper trail to prove the conversation. That sounds to me like they’ve had issues in the past and are trying to cover their butts.

About 30 minutes later a I received a phone call from the person in charge of Tails and Tacos. Her name is Lacie Debrim and she is co-owner with David Gaitan who I had previously spoken to. I had to do research the entire day to find their names which I finally located via their Instagram page. When I found their Instagram page, I hit the “follow” button and later discovered I am blocked from their page. I created another Instagram account, “liked” their page and again was blocked. I have also searched for the Facebook page and apparently I am blocked from their business page as well.

Back to my phone conversation with Lacie Deprim. Initially, she was quite responsive to my list of issues I had with their total lack of transparency, not having required information either on the virtual tickets or their web page to include the location of the event. She did make excuses for David Gaitan and how he handled the phone conversation he and I had. As a business owner, I don’t make excuses for anyone who represents my company and most definitely don’t make excuses for complaints a client directs towards me. I listen intently and make every possible effort to correct their dissatisfaction. While speaking to Ms. Deprim, she told me I should have checked their Facebook page for the event location. Why on earth should I have to do that and why on earth would I even think about that? Wonder If I don’t have social media in the first place? She even addressed me as the wrong person, someone I had never heard of which leads me to believe, I’m not the only one levering complaints against Tails and Tacos.

Ms. Deprim asked me on the phone why my daughter didn’t tell me where she had found the event information that motivated her to purchase the tickets in the first place. She even mentioned something to the affect of, if we received tickets to a concert but were unable to find the location, there are avenues to take to find the location. Once again, the blame was placed solely on us instead of admitting they neglected, whether on purpose or accident to list the event location. Ms. Deprim even went on to say and I quote, “We had 400-450 attendees at the event on Saturday and you’re trying to tell me you’re the only ones who were unable to find the location?” I was blown away by her accusation, especially considering the time we spent trying to figure out where the event was located in the first place.

There is zero transparency in the business Tails to Tacos, but after researching much of yesterday, I was finally able to find the owners’ names on their Instagram page, which I have been blocked from twice and the only thing I did was “follow” their page. I never responded to any posts they have on Instagram.

Here is the information I was able to find regarding their business.


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