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SwiftTech BPO

Country Pakistan
City Lahore, Punjab
Address Regency Plaza, MM Alam Rd, Block P Gulberg 2

SwiftTech BPO Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2022

I posted a job on upwork and Syed Abbas from this group Swift Tech BPO responded. I was hiring him for some telemarketing work.

As part of our conversation he said he could refer someone to us from which we could buy a call list with good data which they could then call on our behalf. I agreed to entertain this and Syed was the middle man between the communications. Once we had agreed on the data and price, Syed took my email and had an invoice sent to me, as well as gave me the person's number to text with directly.

I ended up paying for the data, only to have the excuses begin immediately, one after another. Eventually the "contact" stopped responding and when I went back to Syed, he said there's nothing he could do and the person screwed him over as well.

Here's where it gets ridiculous, I googled the phone number they gave me and it turns out that its the SAME number they list on their company website! Also the person's name who was on the payoneer account from whihc they sent the invoice was Haseeb Amir, who's profile on linkedin names him as the "co-founder" of Swift Tech BPO. The whole story unwound fast at that point. After confronting all of them and their lies, Syed and his boss blocked me on upwork and Haseeb has no intention of making things right.

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